September 17, 2019

Siedem krzyków przerażenia

(Grobbing Thristle is a polish Poznań based experimental/noise/ambient/industrial duo, formed by Radosław Dziubek and Rafał Kołacki).

Purple moon over ghost lands

(Daughters of the Sun is an american Minneapolis based psychedelic/experimental band formed by Nick Koenigs, Bennett Johnson and Collin Gorman Weiland).

Into unsilent dungeons of eternal sleep

(Thlaaflaa is a Russian artist Alexey S (λ Boötix). Born in northern Siberia and living in Ingria, he experiments with electronic music which is a fusion of glitch, ambient, IDM, industrial and other leftfield kinds of music). 

Diving into plastic foils

(Tropic Of Cancer is the solo project of Camella Lobo, a LA based american experimental/post punk musician).

Projectic my sadness through old windows

(David Galas is an american experimental musician, well known as current member of the band Lycia. David began in the late 80's recording post-punk and experimental music, and joined Lycia in 1993 (left the band in 1996). In 1999 he began writing solo material, and later he released 3 solo albums until rejoining Lycia in 2013 to help record "A Line That Connects").

September 13, 2019

A furious kind of method

(Ifwhen is an american NY based shoegaze/alternative band, formed by Kentaro, Marc Sorrillo and Mary MacDowell).

Lost in a garden of tissues

(Since 2010, gender fluid artist Beau Devereaux has chronicled their romantic and turbulent process of self-identification as Samantha Glass through the use of electronics, field recordings and a seductive, baritone voice. Abstract soundscapes rise and fall around addictively brooding ballads and introspective monologues as Glass deconstructs themself beneath the weight of their poetry and lyrics. 
Devereaux spent most of their adult life engrossed in noise, power violence and punk DIY scenes, however Glass sought to create a balanced form of art representative of their ever fluid sexuality and gender identity while incorporating elements of dark wave, musique concrète and New Age music. Samantha Glass evolved into an outlet for drag-based performance art coupled with drum machines, cassette loops and down-tempo crooning. 
Glass richly crafts each composition around deeply rooted biographical and contemporary themes, reverently embodying an enticing blend of outsider art).

Trapped in gravity zero

(Vampire Rodents is a project of Toronto guitarist/vocalist Anton Rathausen (real name Daniel Vahnke) and keyboardist Victor Wulf; they were possibly the greatest composers of collage-music of the decade. Vampire Rodents' art shared with Dadaism and Futurism the aesthetic principle that avantgarde and clownish novelty should be one and the same). 

Last breath of a boiling mind

(The Cosmic Dead are a psychedelic/space rock/experimental quartet from Glasgow, Scotland featuring Omar Aborida, James T. Mckay, Lewis Cook and Julian Dicken).

Thoughts for a gray afternoon

(Flying Saucer Attack is an experimental space rock band that formed in Bristol, England in 1992. David Pearce was the core member of the group, and Rachel Brook (of Movietone, another Bristol band) was a member for most of the band's lifetime. 

The band were marked by quiet vocals and sheets of feedback with similarities to contemporary shoegazing bands, or The Jesus and Mary Chain. FSA were able to create a small but enthusiastic fanbase as one of the more remarkable experimental bands of the day. The band were notable for recording most of their output at home into a normal home stereo system, avoiding recording studios as much as they could. This gave their music a DIY feel and gave them the freedom to experiment as much as they wanted).

September 12, 2019

Falling into airless ambiences

(Seefeel are a British post-rock band formed in the early 1990s by Mark Clifford (guitar, sequencing), Daren Seymour (bass), Justin Fletcher (drums), and Sarah Peacock (vocals and guitar). Bridging the guitar-based dream pop and shoegaze scenes with the production techniques of ambient techno and electronica).

Förbannelse av ruttet vatten

(Bocksholm is an industrial/experimental collaboration project between Peter Andersson (Raison D'etre) and Peter Andersson (Deutsch Nepal) started in 1998, and reflects the bad childhood environment of the ironworks in Boxholm, a small industrial town where both musicians grown up).

Sleeping on serotonin axonic fluxes

(Drone Dimension was a shoegaze/noise pop band from the US, consisting of Rebecca Lima and Jonathan Beadle. Later the band reformed as The Vera Violets).

The time when beauty died

(Beyond Dawn is a Norwegian avant-garde metal band (now turned electropop) composed of Espen Ingierd, Petter Haavik, Tore Gjedrem, and Einar Sjursø).

Singing the child spell

(Oneiroid Psychosis is an American dark wave musical duo consisting of brothers Lars and Leif Hansen. Originally known simply as Psychosis, they were discovered by Decibel Records in 1993 and have been making music using the name Oneiroid Psychosis since. The music of Oneiroid Psychosis is known as some of the darkest in existence. Characterized by dark synth textures and thought-provoking lyrics and vocals - it is difficult to categorize them. Thus they became the originators of a new genre now known as Progressive Darkwave. The phrase "oneiroid psychosis" defines a pathologic state in which the subject has difficulty differentiating between reality and dreams).