November 20, 2017

Sadness in a pure way to be sad

Is not easy to say farewell to friends who are following the life-death downward spyrals.


November 15, 2017

In the hill of long shadows

Walking into necromantical screams.

(Belgium band involved in death industrial, martial, neoclassical music, founded by Bart Piette, who is inspired in nature secrets sounds of ancient misteries).


Visions of a sabbatical nightmare

Evoking ancient gods of impurence.

(Dark intense ritual, ghost wave dark ambient sounds from Vienna, Austria, founded by Ashley Dayour and David Pfister; the name of the band was taken from 2 cards of the 78-piece tarot card-set utilised by the most famous occultist of the 20th century Aleister Crowley.)

Susurros agonizantes del más allá

Dead voices on air spelling the names of guilty ones.

(Swedish pioneer band in the symphonic industrial field. Leaded by Jouni Havukainen, this one man band music is a mix of heavy electronics, martial percussions, religious chants, orchestral samples and gruesome demonic vocals).


November 14, 2017

A fine day to shoot

As day comes, dead bodies arises across the land.

(Side project band of Trey Spruance, Secret Chiefs 3 leader; with the release of "Book Of Horizons" Secret Chiefs 3 has revealed that they are the general name for seven different bands, each representing a different aspect of Spruance's musical and philosophical interests. The seven bands are The Electromagnetic Azoth, UR, Ishraqiyun, Traditionalists, Holy Vehm, FORMS, and most likely Noddingturd Fan. All his projects blends everything from Bollywood Funk and traditional Middle Eastern sounds to Death Metal and Drum n Bass).

Dreams dying in underworld

Songs to start the deconstruction of all lifeforms.

(Spanish duo formed by Sathorys Elenorth & Lady Nott project whom explores the deepest corners and ruins of human existence, where the martial sounds are mixed with orchestrations and classical interludes and devastating environments filled with emotion and sadness). 

Crushing bonds with linear high frequency rays

Opening wounds to dry the putrid remains.

(Industrial/Noise/Avant Garde US noise-sick-wall, they are are true in every sense of the word, contemporary industrial altruists. Currently residing in Denver, they outsource influence from a specific niche lineage that was in and of itself mechanically fabricated to mirror the past in favor of the future. Specializing in both consumer electronics and homemade contraptions, these noise fetishists are veterans to their craft. Having seen them perform numerous times, they come bearing body bags full of hardware, a battalion of 8×10 cabinets, broken cymbals, television monitors, oil drums, and other unnecessary but probably necessary gadgets. Each piece has its own part in the orchestrated spirit of destruction. Encompassing the parameters of whatever turf they inhabit, they don’t play in the room; instead, they play the room).

November 13, 2017

A chant for the forgotten ones

We have the eternity to know your flesh.

(A.n.K.h // is an industrial dark-ambient experimental band from Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, characterized by a continuous experimentation across the most diverse sounds into harsh noise scene).


Bleeding ears caused by noisewall torture

Suffering in a spiritual induced coma.

(Stratvm Terror is the harsh side of Peter Andersson, here also joined by his mate Tobias Larsson (Ocean Chief, Catapult the Smoke, Fluidage). This project first appeared in 1993 and have since then become an impressive industrial noise monster machine of terror. This project has almost reached the same acclaimed status as raison d'être. Stratvm Terror offers agressive and loud frequencies for the whole spectrum of the ears that will play havoc with the brain.The project offcially closed in 2012).

Releasing the beast from inside

Enjoy the collapsing silence of the noise.

(Hybryds is a powerful industrial ritual project from Belgium, working in the ritual - mythical - industrial and magical music scene since the mid 80'ties; this band is known for its mind-expanding sound. Primitive ethnical and contemporary industrial influences are blended to create a unique style that has influenced many who were looking for spiritual dimensions).

Black smokes in air

 A night to remember everythings went bad...

(Founded in 1992 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore was formed by members of various grindcore/hardcore and death/doom metal bands. In their search for a "unique sound", they started to play what they call "doom ridden jazz music").


Carbonized remains from ancestors

Echoes of past rites of ancient truths.

(Na-Hag is a tribal-industrial project from Kiev, Ukraine by Ruga Roo, also known with his projects r.roo and Sound Wave Pressure).  


November 7, 2017

лорд грусти снова вернулся

A cry flows over the white wind of desolation.


Awakening into dark space

A scary travel across an anechoic wormhole.


A devil in multiple faces

A noisy impression of a small fraction of life in universe.