January 13, 2015

Worship the Hunchback!!!! (Repost)

Monsieur Gautier Serre (aka Igorrr) is a French composer of electronic and acoustic music who mixes with astonishing ease genres as different as electronica, baroque music, death metal and trip hop among others. The result of that virtuous freakie musical mind is a a mangled maelstrom of classical coupled with modern synthesised and virtual instrumentation, resulting in a breakbeat-black metal-opera exercise in madness.

This guy is, without a doubt, an artist worth watching for any fan of experimental (and practically unclassifiable) fusions of electronic music. In my opinion, certainly the most amazing music since old Zorn's and Bungle's times; time to say Bloody Hell!! Not sure? Read this excerpt of a review from themusiclobby.com: "Slap! What an album... I'm really out of words. Let me attempt. Track one - Valse En Décomposition - baroque organ chords with a low-fi trip-hop beat followed by a bee buzzing turning into glitchy classical piece. Track two - Oesophage De Tourterelle - light piano arpeggios, tremolos and octave scaling progressions turning into insane breakcore. Track three - Putrefiunt - solo monk voice over a flamenco guitar exploding into hardcore death metal cookie-monster mayhem. Or how about 40's gramophone swing laced with gabber? And then there are eight more tracks! I haven't heard such a collection of molded styles before, and it's working... it's working really well!

Just one word...Incredible!!! Support Him


canteropoulos said...

Este tío es un genio! música concreta con chunda chunda, y voces, y... sin palabras.
con cada tema se me queda la boca más abierta.

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