September 20, 2010

The Utopia is not Impossible (Repost)

This is an excerpt from the words of the master: "My latest album Ark has been a truly independent effort on my part, in which I have written, performed, recorded and produced all of the compositions therein. My working process for this album is more akin to that of an artisan who oversees the entire creative process from start to finish.
Ark comprises eight original compositions in total that explore the recurring themes of identity, alienation, war, political corruption and the threat that we as a species now pose to our environment. Despite the dystopian themes that pervade these eight compositions, there are also expressions of great hope and optimism for a better world to be found within the subtext of the songs.
For an Ark as well as being a refuge from the world's harsher realities is also a vehicle for regeneration and renewal. Ark is not really a concept album in the traditional sense of the term, but rather a series of sustained observations and commentaries on the human condition.
Like most of my previous work I had no preconceived notion of what the songs subject matter would be other than to follow my gut instinct, refining and distilling the music and my thoughts as they came to me.
One cannot underestimate the influence that living and working in relative isolation has had on the making of this album. A lot of my spare time is spent on the internet with friends or watching documentaries and current affairs programs. It strikes me that one of the great paradoxes of modern living is that we often feel that we are connected and at the very centre of communications despite the fact that we are often both physically detached and remote from one another".



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