April 21, 2010

A Call from the Grasslands (Repost)

The amazing band Huun Huur Tu comes from Tuva, a republic of the Russian Federation, a sparsely settled Siberian land of grasslands, boreal forests, and mountain ridges. Huun Huur Tu's music features native instruments and preserves and develops some of the world's oldest forms of music making. The best-known genre of Tuvan music is Xöömei (throat-singing) in which naturally produced overtone vocal sounds create astonishingly unique textures and harmonics.

The new album Eternal is a collaboration with electronic musician & record producer Carmen Rizzo, who transforms this ancient music into an enticing blend of ambient electronic, exotic rhythms and lush acoustic textures. This wonderful album takes you through a dream-like sequence featuring bowed ancient strings colliding with low-end keyboards while the haunting voices of Huun Huur Tu howl through the mesmerizing pulses. A musical journey for all looking to escape.



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