April 4, 2010

Meet the Pioneers (Repost)

BBC Radiophonic Music was the first compilation of music released by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It featured music by three of the Workshop's most prominent composers, John Baker, David Cain and Delia Derbyshire. The music varied between incidental music and signature tunes, which had been used by various BBC programmes, as well as some radio jingles.

The selection demonstrated many of the methods used by the composers at the Radiophonic Workshop, including musique concrète tape editing and their use of primitive early electronic oscillators. It featured mostly original compositions, except for Baker's arrangements of the traditional "Boys and Girls" and "The Frogs Wooing", and Derbyshire's version of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air".

In 2002 the compilation was remastered by Mark Ayres (the version included here), and re-released with two bonus Derbyshire songs; the original composition "Time to Go" and her version of "Happy Birthday". The album was originally released in 1968 for use as library music, but later given a commercial release in 1970 on the new BBC Records label.



Janna said...

Hi! Great blog <3 I was wondering if you could maybe re-upload this? The link isn't working anymore, unfortunately :(

Crazy Monkey said...

Hi there, at the time i'm reposting all the stuff (plus new ones), just be patient and stay tuned! Cheers.

Janna said...

Okay, thank you!!

Crazy Monkey said...

Now on line again, Janna.


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