April 4, 2010

The People of Today (Repost)

"The Tomorrow People" was a british children's science fiction TV series (not well known outside the UK), produced by the UK's Thames Television between 1973 and 1979; it was all about the next step in human evolution (officially called "Homo Superiors") who were born with special powers such as teleportation and telepathy. Whenever the was trouble, The Tomorrow People would step in and help sort it out.

A large portion of The Tomorrow People soundtrack was taken from the Standard Music Library's "ESL104" LP. In fact, all but four tracks from "ESL104" were used to score The Tomorrow People; the composers that contributed to "ESL104" were none other than BBC Radiophonic Workshop members and electronic music pioneers Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson (using the pseudonyms "Li De La Russe" and "Nikki St George" respectively) along with Dudley Simpson (Doctor Who, Blake's 7) and David Vorhaus (here's the 2006 remastered version)


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