April 21, 2010

Messages from the Artic (Repost)

Tanya Tagaq Gillis is an Inuit throat singer from Nunavut, Canada, on the south coast of Victoria Island. She first began to practice throat singing after attending school, and later studied visual arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, while there developed her own solo form of Inuit throat singing, which is normally done by two women.

Although she has become a popular performer at Canadian folk festivals, such as Folk on the Rocks in 2005, she is best known both in Canada and internationally for her collaborations with Björk, including concert tours and the 2004 album Medúlla. She has also performed with the Kronos Quartet and Shooglenifty and featured on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.

Her innovative, solo style of throat singing seeks to push the boundaries of emotion and to express the primitive instincts she believes still reside deep within our flesh. She describes her evolution over the past six years as a process of going deeper and deeper into her performance to the point where she virtually “leaves her body” and lets the expression take over.

Definitively a must, pay attention at track 2, featuring Mr. Mike Patton at the scream-mic.


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