April 2, 2010

Clara, how we miss you... (Repost)

For me, the word Clara Rockmore (Lithuanian born Clara Reisenberg, 1991-1998) means pure magic and sounds like wind shaking the clouds in a clear shinny day; that northen princess became the inspirational muse and endless love of russian master and beloved genius Léon Theremin (who will will be honored in a next post) developed a whole technique for playing the Theremin, including a fingering system, which allowed her to accurately perform fast passages and large note leaps without the much known portamento on the instrument.

In words of the photographer Steve Sherman, great-nephew of Clara Rockmore: it is with deep personal pleasure that I announce that Clara's second album "Lost Theremin Album" is finally out and available, which truth be told was really just lost in Bob Moog's basement, comprises the additional material recorded by Bob and Shirleigh during the same July 1975 sessions that produced Clara's first album "The Art of the Theremin". While Moog was delighted with our plans to finally release this material (just prior to his taking ill), we were only able to locate and retrieve these 5-track reel to reel tapes after he died (thanks to Mike Adams). Of the 5 tracks, two were primarily theremin, two were primarily piano, and the fifth was only theremin from a direct electronic hookup to the instrument. Aside from a few false starts and maybe 5 retakes, the entire 2 albums worth of music was recorded straight through without break, and without any edits. What you hear is pure unadulterated Clara and Nadia. Well, almost. Dad had the tapes digitized and re-mastered at Sony Studios, and added a few extra parts (guitar in Estrellita, strings in Pastoral, and 8 cellos in Bachianas). He worked long and hard on this project, overseeing every aspect, and if I say so myself, he did a brilliant job. This CD sounds amazing, and our whole family is very proud of this effort. Clara, Nadia, Bob Moog, and Lev Sergeyevich would all have been very proud as well. And if I may add a personal note, NO one would have been more proud than Clara's beloved Bob Rockmore.

Rest in Peace, beloved lady.


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