April 21, 2010

East Meet West (Repost)

SEDAA, in persian means “voice“ and connect the traditional mongolian with the oriental music to a unusual yet fascinating whole. They enchant one with ancient instruments of the nomads and take you to a colourful world of moods and vibrations between the Orient and the Mongolian steppe.

Skilled in Ulan-Bator (the capital of Mongolia), the mastersingers Nasaa Nasanjargal and Naraa Naranbaatar who are known by the musical group Transmongolia, offer with their orchestral undertone singing and the Mongolian throat singing "Höömii" an exotic listening experience and create the sounds of nature. They accentuate their mystical singings with traditional stringed instruments such as the Morin khuur (horse head violin), originally made from the horse's body, and the Ikh khuur (horse head bass).

Born in Isfahan, the Iranian multi instrumentalist Omid Bahadori who established his reputation through the group Rangin, gives the ensemble its oriental touch. With drums and the guitar, he tops the sentimental musical melange off. Wild rhythmic pieces, like the trot of the horses and tender ballads carry the listener on a musical journey through the vastness of the steppe. With their Debut-Album “Mongolian meets Oriental” Sedaa created an own innovative sound experience from these ancient musical cultures.


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