April 2, 2010

The New Futurism? pt.2 (Repost)

DigitalNoize-Merchant Huren renders his 8-24-bit a/v content, from a clandestine Canadian location... With well over a decade of involvement in the production of extreme digital intermedia, Huren's diverse output comprises of a repository of placeless releases, on imprints as diverse as Probe/+8, and R&S to Zhark and Model... With his vitriolic Digital Treatments- Huren programs a purpose-built framework of dislocated resistance...more info: www.myspace.com/fostx

With an intense focus on the auditory forefront, Huren utilizes a plethora of advanced digital processing operations such as spectral analysis and re-synthesis, interval mutation, bit-rate decimation, and cryptic low level programming. The resultant auditory fragments are then cunningly manipulated into Huren's trademark nouveau musique brut. In short, this landmark digital document is certain to emblazon the Huren moniker into the forefront of avant electronics/DSP-ism.


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