June 17, 2024

Punaisen metsän taikuuteen vedoten

(Šamane is an Experimental/Drone/Ethereal band from Tampere, Finland, formed by Saara Šamane (vocals & bass), Aleksi Kiiskilä (guitar & oud) and Otto Heino (drums)).

המסורת לא מכירה בזמנים

(Dudu Tassa (Tel-Aviv, 1977) is an Israeli rock musician, singer, songwriter and record producer of Mizrahi Jewish descent. Besides having had a successful solo career in Israel, Tassa has been the leader of Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis which plays new renditions of old Iraqi and Kuwaiti songs written and composed by Tassa's late grandfather and great-uncle, Daoud and Salih Al-Kuwaity, since 2011).

Trapping quantized photons

(Bloody Knives is based in Austin, Texas consisting of Preston Maddox (bass, voice, keyboards, samples, programming) and Jake McCown (Drums, noise, programming, art). The band combines the sounds of heavy punk and industrial with blurry ambient electronics, shoegaze atmospherics, and 8-bit glitches and melodies).

There is an eternity to know your flesh

(The Midnight Ensemble is a one man Dark Jazz project from Knoxville, TN, leaded by Ken W).

June 16, 2024

Opening the basement where the clowns sleep

(29 Niebolt Street is a Darkwave/Synth one man project from Flint, MI, leaded by Jason Messler, who is inspired by horror and sci-fi soundtracks of the 80's).

In the burning heat of loneliness

(Black Mare is the solo Ethereal/Dark project of Sera Timms (Ides of Gemini, Black Math Horseman, Zun).

Waiting in cold snow

(Vyva Mellinkolya is a musical collective out of Louisville, KY, created by Angel Diaz, the one permanent member. Angel is also in group known as The Achaeas with Tai Lendh and Chase Palmer).

უნივერსალური გეომეტრიის მოდელირება

(Sara Stuttgart  is a Post Punk/Coldwave one man project located in Tbilisi, Georgia).

Life and death in four walls

(Jonny Greenwood (Oxford, 1971) is a British lead guitarist, keyboardist, programmer and composer; he is the lead guitarist and keyboardist of the rock band Radiohead, and has composed numerous film scores. 

Greenwood is a multi-instrumentalist and a prominent player of the ondes Martenot, an early electronic instrument. He uses electronic techniques such as programming, sampling and looping, and writes music software used by Radiohead. He described his role as an arranger, helping transform Thom Yorke's demos into finished songs. Radiohead albums feature Greenwood's string and brass arrangements, and he has composed for orchestras including the London Contemporary Orchestra and the BBC Concert Orchestra).

Being part of the eternal cycles

(Coil was a pioneer band formed in London in 1983 by John Balance as a solo side project to Psychic TV, Coil developed into a full-scale musical group in 1984, when Balance cemented a partnership with Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson. Christopherson had been a founder of Psychic TV and member of Throbbing Gristle. For over twenty years Coil would be at the forefront of European experimentalism and electronic music.

John Balance (1962–2004) died tragically in an accident at his home on November 13th, 2004. Peter Christopherson decided that, with the passing of John Balance, Coil would not continue. Peter Martin Christopherson died 24 November 2010).

Térdelve a csatatér közepén

(Kraschau is an Hungarian Martial/Industrial/Neoclassical one man project leaded by Adàm Bercès).

Ind i skoven af ​​genklang

(Asger Baden is Danish composer, pianist and producer; he has made a name for himself as a film and TV-series composer with his atmospheric music featured in world-acclaimed productions such as “Breaking Bad” and “The Wolfpack”).

May 25, 2024

Kaksi aurinkoa laskemassa horisontissa

(Šamane is an Experimental/Drone/Ethereal band from Tampere, Finland, formed by Saara Šamane (vocals & bass), Aleksi Kiiskilä (guitar & oud) and Otto Heino (drums)).

Går igenom nostalgins labyrint

(Six Fingered People is an Electronic/Dark Jazz crossover project from Sweden formed by Daniel Rehn Lomberg and Kim Bernhammar).

Howls from the catacombs of debauchery

(NAKED are an English London based Industrial/Power Electronics duo (originally from Edinburgh), formed by Agnes Gryczkowska and Alexander Johnston, engaging with noise, industrial and extreme forms of electronic music).