February 13, 2019

Добро пожаловать в вечный сон

Sleeping under the light of dawn.

(Sedativ was another great eerie post-punk project from Russian underground legend Roman Sidorov from Старуха Мха, Der Golem and Fatal).

Lost in the desert

Crossing the steppes of madness.

(10 000 Russos is a portuguese shoegaze/psychedelic/experimental band formed by João Pimenta and Pedro Pestana; the band tried out some avant garde experiments and finds them in magnificent, shamanic droning form).

Harmonies of an external dimension

Neurons forming accretion discs.

(Chasms is a drone/ethereal band from LA, USA, who crafts ethereal, percussive dirges that are sparse in arrangement and potent with emotion. Comprised of producer, vocalist, and guitarist Jess Labrador and bassist Shannon Madden, the duo layers meditative guitars and electronic drum samples with Labrador’s entrancing soprano to create an otherworldly sound). 

First breath after death

Enjoying the underwater decomposition.

(Music The World Does Not See is an industrial/experimental/ambient compilation made by polish Nefryt label).

Flying ovre the clouds of Orion

Following echoes of the past.

(Air Formation are an English indie/postrock/shoegaze band from Crawley, UK, that debuted with their first 7" in the summer of 1998 under the name B.E.A.B. Approved. In early 2000 they were forced to change their name, they chose Air Formation. They split in April 2011 before reforming in 2014). 

Hearing weird noises in the back room

Someone sang and slowly danced before death.

(Joel Fausto & Illusion Orchestra is an experimental/dark jazz band leaded by this portuguese songwriter, musician, record producer and movie composer; moreover he is owner and founder of the business organization SlowDriver Productions). 

Erasing her last words

A plunge into despair.

(Neurosis originally formed in Oakland, California in 1985 as a hardcore punk band. Over the years their sound progressed towards a doom metal style that also included influences from dark ambient and industrial music as well as incorporating elements of folk music. Jarboe La Salle Devereaux, known mononymously as Jarboe is an American singer-songwriter and keyboardist who came to prominence as a member of the New York City-based band Swans).

A nightmare of inner struggle

Trapped into a frozen tower.

(Snowbeasts is a dark ambient/industrial US band formed by Elizabeth Virosa and Rob Galbraith. This album is surfing on more darkened and meditatively cerebral droned-out waves, with some neo-kosmische touches, genuinely cinematic and coldly moving).

Mourir dans une forêt grise

Reading the library of how to die books.

(Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones is a french dark/improvised/jazz, formed by Gaël Loison, Christophe Mevel, Arnaud Le Gall und Yannick Martin).

Hour of the unknown

Sounds without a face.

(14:13 is not a band anymore. As if it ever even was. As if any of that mattered anyway. 14:13 is all about individuals and the music they’re creating together, crafting one of the most unique drug induced jam sessions you’ll ever hear in your entire life. Sounding as mandatory as a long time lost recording of obscure British psychedelia and as brutal as the New York no wave scene of the 80’s, their music blends the shininess of Cloudland Canyon and the sheer force of Sonic Youth-era Evol with an extra German flavor straight out of the Can.

Featuring ex and current members of Strong As Ten, 2:13pm, Shall Not Kill and The Austrasian Goat himself, those 6 songs are the one and only testimony known from the mysterious collective that goes by the name of 14:13. Expect a psychedelic journey into the mind of a sonic dreamer).

February 12, 2019

Rolling in mental solitude

Sitting motionless in an endless melancholy.

(Gamardah Fungus is a band from Dnipro, Ukraine, formed by Igor Yalivec, and Sergey Yagoda. The musical material of the band is slow, viscous drone ambient, sometimes adjoining meditative electroacoustic and gloomy dark jazz with field recording). 

Afraid of natural lights

Feeling fear of earth fathoms.

(Miranda Sex Garden were a music group from London, England. They were active from 1990 to 2000. Formed in 1990, Katharine Blake, Kelly McCusker and Jocelyn West were originally a trio of madrigal singers. They were educated at The Purcell School for Young Musicians in Bushey.

They were discovered by Barry Adamson when they were singing madrigals on Portobello Road in London. He invited them to sing on his Delusion soundtrack, with the song Il Solitario. After that Daniel Miller invited them to sign a contract with Mute Records. They recorded their first single Gush Forth My Tears in March 1991. It was a madrigal with a beat, mixed by Danny Rampling. Their first album, Madra (August 1991), was produced by classical producer Tony Faulkner. It was entirely a cappella, with the songs all based on traditional English verse.

By 1992, Jocelyn West had left the band and was replaced by Donna McKevitt, who studied voice and viola at Kingston Polytechnic. More new band members were Ben Golomstock who played guitars and Trevor Sharpe who played drums. On their second release, Iris (1992), the sound evolved into a blend of their madrigal-styled vocal harmonies with sounds reminiscent of folk music, gothic rock, dark wave, ethereal wave, and industrial music. The third album Suspiria came out in March 1993. Kelly McCusker left the band in late 1993 to start a career in classical music. She was replaced by Hepzibah Sessa.

Their sound became increasingly dark and sophisticated over the years. The fourth album, Fairytales of Slavery, was produced by Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten. In 1995 the group disbanded. Katharine Blake formed a new group with Dorothy Carter in 1996, Mediæval Bæbes. In 1999 they reformed with some new members and released their final album Carnival of Souls in April 2000).

Discovering old new worlds

Falling in a death trap.

(Asva is an American experimental doom/sludge/drone metal band, originally formed by Stuart Dahlquist and B.R.A.D. in 2003. The name of the project is derived from a Sanskrit word aśva, meaning a "horse". Asva never fits traditional definitions of such genres as doom, sludge or drone, always presenting uncommon and unconventional interpretations, even though this project had a significant influence on the scene. But the latest album confirms the final departure from a realm of purely metal-related genres, being much more melodic and uplifted. Phillipe Petit is the man who
Runs BiP_HOp and Pandemonium Records labels). 

Se lamente d'au-delà...

The clamor of souls is slowly extinguished.

(The Austrasian Goat is a black/doom one-man project from France, created by Julien Louvetin the 2007)

A path to hide from reality

Cold drops falling in iced grass.

(Config.sys is a german industrial/rhythmic noise band formed by Sebastian Schweren and Krischan Wesenberg).