July 17, 2021

Falling into the void

(Order Of Orias is a Black/Death band from Melbourne, Australia, formed by A. Spencer, D. Adelberg and R. Prain). 

Bryter den uendelige stillheten

(Trinacria is a Black/Doom/Noise band from Bergen, Norway, formed by Arve Isdal, Espen Lien, Grutle Kjellson, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Ivar Peersen, Iver Sandøy and Maja S. K. Ratkje). 

Susurros del bosque encantado

(Kazeria is an Argentinian Martial/Industrial/Neoclassical band, whose music lead  to epic visions, marching anthems, ancient mysteries, occult symbols and the ethos of a colossal and forgotten world. Aphlar is an Argentinian one man Martial/Darkfolk/Neofolk band).


July 15, 2021

Defying the ancient law

(Clockcleaner was a punk/noise rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band consisted of John Sharkey III on vocals/Guitar, Karen Horner on Bass, and Richie Charles Jr on drums. The trio had drawn comparisons to The Jesus Lizard, Big Black, Nirvana, Flipper and even harsh noise band Whitehouse).


Прогулка по чудесным горам

(Aerofall is a Shoegaze/Noise Pop band from Rostov-On-Don, Russia, formed by Valeriy Kalkutin (Bass), Pavel Astakhov (Drums), Vladimir Karpov (Guitar), Yana Komeshko (Guitar), Vladimir Volodin (Tambourine) and Yana Komeshko (Voice)).


(Incense was a Shoegaze band from Japan, formed by Aki, Kaoru, Maki and Yoshiki Watanabe). 

Surfer sur fond de micro-ondes cosmique

(Nils Cheville and The Dansant is an Experminental/Mathrock/Avant Garde band from Clermont- Ferrand, France, leaded by superb guitarist Nils Cheville (Corpo-Mente, Pryapisme, Senoys), togheter Antony Miranda (bass), Anne Quillier (moog, keyboards, vocals), Benjamin Bardiaux (keyboards), Rémi Faraut (drums)).

Winter on Outback

(Banish is a Post Punk/Industrial/Darkwave band from Melbourne, Australia, formed by Christopher Gray (Bass, Drum Machine, Synth), René Schaefer (Guitar) and Sarah McKenna (Vocal, Synth, Loops)). 


Þreyttur á að hata sjálfan mig

(Singapore Sling is an Icelandic Alternative/Shoegaze/Post Rock band from Reykjavík, formed by Henrik Baldvin Björnsson (vocals, guitar), Einar Þór Kristjánsson (guitar), Sigurður "Siggi Shaker" Magnús Finnsson (tambourine, maracas), Ester "Bíbí" Ásgeirsdóttir (bass), Björn Viktorsson (drums), and Hákon Aðalsteinsson (guitar)).