October 20, 2020

Some things to do while sleep

(Isn't is a Shoegaze/Alternative/Noise band form Melbourne, Australia, formed by Tommy-Carlos Williams (Guitars and Vocals), Phil Bowler (Bass) and Chris Felton (Drums)).

Tracing hidden secrets

(Landing is a Shoegaze/Psychedelic/Space Rock band from Connecticut, formed by Daron Gardner (Bass), Aaron Snow (Guitar, Synth, Drums, Bass, Vocals) and Adrienne Snow (Vocals, Synth)).


Suara pahit dari air hangat

(Jellybelly is a Shoegaze/Dream Pop band from Bandung, Indonesia, formed by Arief Budi (bass), Novian Ekalaya (guitar, vocals), Yuda Azhar Djauhari (guitar, vocals), Ade Oscar Cheviantara (drums) and Anggira Arahdiah (synth)).

October 19, 2020

Awake for the eternity

(Hollow Sunshine is a Sludge/Shoegaze band formed by Morgan Enos and Reuben Sawyer).


Draining wounds in solitude

(Lacing is a Shoedrone/Heavygaze band from Chattanooga, TN, formed by Jerry Reed, Joseph Davenport, Joseph J Micolo III and Robert Parker).

Ponořen do hvězdného oparu

(Here is a Shoegaze band from Vyškov, Czech Republic, formed by Igor Toman Martin Pecka, Tomáš Luska, Valerie Chauvey and Zdeněk Marek). 

Showing the mystic truth

(Helen is a Dream Pop/Shoegaze band from Portland, OR, formed by Liz Harris, Jed Bindeman and Scott Simmons).

Sulla via del sentiero magico

(La Casa Al Mare is an Italian Shoegaze/Noise/Psychedelic musical project based in Rome, Italy, formed by Alessio Pindinelli (guitars, vocals), Marco Poloni (bass, vocals) and Paolo Miceli (drums)). 


Laments of a locked soul

(Bloody Knives is based in Austin, Texas consisting of Preston Maddox (bass, voice, keyboards, samples, programming) and Jake McCown (Drums, noise, programming, art). The band combines the sounds of heavy punk and industrial with blurry ambient electronics, shoegaze atmospherics, and 8-bit glitches and melodies). 

Eine Plage der Bitterkeit

(Stahlschlag is a german Industrial/ Power Noise project formed in 2006 by Nicole Rahlf and Sebastian Sünkler, performing a style as a mix of different music genres like Industrial, Noise and Ambient).


October 9, 2020

Ghosts into your eyes

(All In The Golden Afternoon is a Psychedelic/Dream Pop from Austin, TX., formed by Rachel Staggs and Carlos Jackson).

Sliši se iz temne preteklosti

(Laibach is an slovenian Post-Industrial band formed 1980 in Trbovlje, at the time Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Laibach is the German name for Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana; initially one of the founders of Martial Industrial music, they changed their musical direction to a more Rock/Pop and Techno-/Dance-inspired crossover style in later years).

Fireworks under water

(Seasurfer is an Hamburg-based German Shoegaze/Dreampop band, actually formed by Apolonia, Dirk Ritter and Volker Zaphor Zacharias).


October 7, 2020

Psychedelic trip to Andromeda

(Dark Fog is a Psychedelic/Space Rock/Shoegaze band from Chicago, Il, formed by Adam Krakow, Ray Donato and YT Robinson).


Melting floods flowing

(Monolith started as an Electronic/Rhythmic Noise soloproject in 1997, formed by the Belgian electronic music veteran and producer Eric Van Wonterghem (ex-Klinik and member of Sonar and Insekt. 

Monolith goes further with his experimental sound which is a mixture from industrial, ambient and EBM sounds created with the latest technologies and mixed with lots of outboard analog gear. Repetitive loops, hypnotising electronic sequences and carrying rhythmics take you into a multi-coloured journey through electro and industrial landscapes while each time incorporating new exotic elements and using vocal samples and guest vocalists).


Vanished in time

(Creepers is a Shoegaze/Psychedelic band from the San Francisco Bay Area that formed in 2010. Originally consisting of Shiv Mehra (Deafheaven) on guitar and vocals and Daniel Tracy (Deafheaven) on drums, the duo performed around the Bay playing their own brand of surreal psychedelic rock. Eventually, they recruited guitarist Chris Natividad (Golden Drugs, Useless Eaters) and bassist Varun Mehra to complete the lineup).