March 30, 2012

Örült elmék fut a szabadságért

Beat the break
break the beat
just throwing you
to hell (in strings) i spit


Cheating yourself, unnecessary pain for idiots

Bassing the neural networks with solid ecstasy blooms to overcome betrayal.

March 27, 2012

Swimming into capitalist wormholes

Feel your soul shivering, crappy pig banker, the raging mob is stalking you!!

The Riot is back!

Jumping over collective madness (Repost)

No time for delay, kick the past off without remorse.


Uncontrolled spurting of macabre overflowing joy

Totally unsuitable nor for the sensitive neither for glamorous fags.

Trying to find a second choice (Repost)

There is always a way out of your nightmares, just follow the noise of the machines roaring away.


March 21, 2012

Dying in a concrete solitude

Unshaped sounds to share the inner suffering.


Travelling the unknown light

White bubbles show me the path to nowhere.


The wrong medication, the repulsive effect

Ideas collapsing in a poignant neural disturbing.


Schizo lines projecting my dreams (Repost)

Diffused schemes across a grey vast flat plane.


Evolving to hissing aureal charms (Repost)

Blasting beats dissolving the grey matter.


Black flowers walking in a silenced row (Repost)

Day by day fading out under their coated prisons.


Outer space unveiled (Repost)

Trance-space voyage to the limit of human awareness.


Steel balls, crush my existence (Repost)

Brassy noise rip neurons until eternal sleep


Nachtmarsch in den Abgrund

Apocalyptic soldiers in stoned faces, unsparingly marching to the last shore.


March 20, 2012

The ever told history of sins (Repost)

Angels and holy saints, descends to fight tribulations with light stained weapons.


The inmense nothing awaits (Repost)

Cold lungs, let me rest in a floating suspension.


A technoid approach to hell (Repost)

Beats to cross through the boiling red water.


The tiny light slowly disappears (Repost)

Soft voices, guide me onto disappointments, give me inner peace to overcome indifference.


Deleting output memories

Walking in silence into rustling glitches.


March 19, 2012

Draw out damned hands over humanity (Repost)

Dark rotten forests awaiting the end of dreams...


Defying the blind, spreading the blood (Repost)

Hearing the roaming shamisen turning life into remembrances.


Frozen flowers from a lonely poem (Repost)

White, creaking petals, decaying in the endless breath of winter.


Wavy chirps on full-scale deserts (Repost)

Throbbing energies rolling down the spinal complex.

Drawing the air...

Angel drowned in dead water (Repost)

Pulsating vibes of last seconds to go into the wired horizons...


Erased neocortex, neural plasticity fail

Rembering the hopeless old days, just sparky shadows of awareness.


A true brain therapy for autumn

Hear the leaves falling down in a mild, slow dusk...