July 30, 2022

Surfing on Holy Land

(Jesus Christ Surferstar is a Surf/Beat compilation made by Italian label OmOm Music).

July 29, 2022

Einladung zu einem Weltraumspaziergang

(Peter Thomas was a German composer and arranger, born 1st December 1925 in Breslau, Silesia (today Poland) and came a little later to Berlin, where he remained up to his beginnings as a film musician. He wrote a lots of soundtracks for movies and television series. His music oscillates between easy listening/lounge and electronic/space-age styles. The musician is abroadly well known as director of the incredible musical group The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra. He died 17th May 2020 in Lugano, Switzerland).

Сон в голубой глубокой воде

(Деревянные киты (tr. Wooden Whales) is a Shoegaze/Dream Pop band formed in 2015 in Murmansk, Russia, into the Arctic Polar Circle).

På promenad i höstskogen

(Merit Hemmingson (born August 30, 1940) is a Swedish organist, composer and singer; she became famous in the late 1960's for her modern pop arrangements of Swedish folk music).


Rolling between DOET layers

(At The Threshold Moment: A Tribute To Coil is an Industrial/Experimental/Ambient compilatin made by US label elseproduct, that exists for strange, unusual and dark music that doesn't adhere to any musical boundaries).

Cercando la pace interiore

(Ennio Morricone (1928-2020) was an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and former trumpet player, writing in a wide range of musical styles. Since 1961, Morricone composed over 400 scores for cinema and television, as well as over 100 classical works).


Tanzen auf Zehenspitzen im Blut

(An Okkvlt And Witch House Tribute To Dario Argento's Suspiria is an Industrial/Drone/Dark Ambient/Experimental compilation made by German label Phantasma Disques, an independent label founded and run by Cosmotropia De Xam, that focuses on witch-house, industrial, experimental and leftfield electronica).

Horrors from the Outback

Kollaps is an Experimental/Industrial project from Melbourne, Australia, formed by Wade Black (vocals, guitar, electronics), Andrea Collaro (bass) and Giorgio Salmoiraghi (percussion).

July 23, 2022

از رقص مهاراجه لذت ببرید

(Mehrpouya (born Abbas Mehrpooya عباس مهرپویا in Tehran, 1927) was an Iranian poet, translator, actor, guitarist, sitar and santur player, organist and multi-musician; he introduced the sitar in popular music in Iran.
He had a habit of using natural instruments such as bones or pots he used as percussion; he also composed and performed music and songs for the Iranian cinema, in a series of films such as Battle with Satan and The Love Thief (1952). Mehrpouya  died at Tehran in 1992).


Under falling burning stars

(Ceremony is an Alternative/Post Punk/Shoegaze project from Fredericksburg, VA, formed by John Fedowitz, former member of Skywave. It was formed in 2005 with alternating band members.  Currently he shares the stage and recording studio with his wife, Sandra Fedowitz

In April 2021 they both became members of A Place To Bury Strangers, thus reuniting John with Oliver Ackermann, many years after their experience in Skywave).

A rest under a grey sky

(Vukovar is a Post-Punk/Industrial/Darkwave band formed in Merseyside, UK in 2014 for Ani Loftus, Rory Johnson, Jason Walters and Rick Clarke).

July 10, 2022

Fljótandi á milli litrófsljósa

(Anna Thorvaldsdottir (July 11, 1977) is an Icelandic composer and 2012 winner of the Nordic Council Music Prize; she studied composition at the University of California, San Diego, gaining her MA and PhD.

Her music is frequently performed in Europe and in the United States, and is often influenced by landscapes and nature.The Iceland Symphony Orchestra has premiered and recorded four of her orchestra pieces; the Icelandic CAPUT Ensemble has also premiered and recorded major works by her, conducted by Snorri Sigfus Birgisson. Other ensembles that she has worked with include BIT20 Ensemble, Musiques Nouvelles, and the International Contemporary Ensemble. Her orchestra work AERIALITY was commissioned by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and premiered in November 2011,conducted by Ilan Volkov).



(Qujaku is a Japanese Psychedelic/Shoegaze band from Shizuoka, formed by Hiromi Oishi, Ryo Habuto, Shuya Onuki and Soushi Mizuno).

Gebed ter nagedachtenis aan de vergetenen

(Ah Cama-Sotz is an Industrial-Techno/Ritual-Tribal/Dark Ambient project formed in 1993 by Belgian electronic music producer/DJ Herman Klapholz).

July 5, 2022

В объятиях матери-природы

(Olox duo is the creative union between Snow Raven (Haar Suor) and Andreas Jones, which is a fusion of heart rhythms and electronic sounds mixed with ethnic songs from the native Sakha people from Siberia characterized by animal, bird and deep nature vocals.

Snow Raven was born in a small village in Sakha (arctic Siberia) and was three years old when she started to learn the language of the birds and animals. Her voice takes its breath from traditional Sakha culture and is truly an instrument. She is the creator of "Arctic Beatbox" - the reindeer breath and is the author of "Neoshamanic Healing").



(NIZ is a Shoegaze/Noise band from Tokyo, Japan).


July 4, 2022

Plongée dans la fosse abyssale

(Flint Glass is a French Paris-based dark electronica one man project of Gwenn Trémorin (Tzolk'in), formed in 1999, that has been described by critics as representing some of the most innovative sounds-styling towards electronica, rhythmic noise and dark ambient genres. Not only a musician and producer, Gwenn also manages the outstanding experimental electronica label Brume records in France. Flint Glass' music tends to crawl under your skin, shapes the most fantastic images, and keeps challenging by means of an intelligent use of samples, rhythms and beats).


L'invasion est le début de l'oppression

(Hardcore Anal Hydrogen is born in 2009 in Monaco, from the meeting of Sacha Vanony (vocals, keyboards, flute), Martyn Clement (guitar, backing vocals), Damien Salis (drums) and Jonathan Marole (bass, backing vocals). Although the roots of Hardcore Anal Hydrogen are in metal and contemporary music, Hardcore Anal Hydrogen’s music covers many genres. Constantly changing songs structures and eclecticism are a constant since the creation of the band).