December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

To all you my beloved friends, follow me at 2011!!!


Dubbed Mantras

So far away one of the best awesome 2010 albums, nothing more bloody shit to say, just hear it and support the artists.

Dubstep Meditations

December 30, 2010

Infecting the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew (Repost)

Emerging from its bloody cocoon here is the dubbed London beetle, spray him in the dancefloor!


More Siamese Beats (Repost)

Complementing the previous post, just cool music, asian chicks, nice food and ancient culture to learn, may i ask for more? (btw, discounting Thai Ladyboys....)

สั่นเขย่าทารก!! (Repost)

Recopilation of some oldie tunes from the Siam Kingdom; note the western inflow, maybe motivated by wars, but with a marked eastern hallmark. Shake Baby Shake!! (at the bottom, vol.3, introducing my partner Pxo Umbral in younger times)

Rocking High in Fan Si Pa Mountains (Repost)

Interesting psycho rock compilation from Việt Nam from the lost bloody times behind the dense fog of war.


One Tribute For The Dead In The Name Of Inhumanity (Repost)

The Khmer Rouge reached Phnom Penh and took power in 1975. The regime, led by Pol Pot, changed the official name of the country to Democratic Kampuchea. They immediately evacuated the cities and sent the entire population on forced marches to rural work projects. They attempted to rebuild the country's agriculture on the model of the 11th century, discarded Western medicine, and destroyed temples, libraries, and anything considered Western.

Over a million Cambodians, out of a total population of 8 million, died from executions, overwork, starvation and disease. Estimates as to how many people were killed by the Khmer Rouge regime range from approximately one to three million, with two million (or about one-third of the population) being the most commonly cited figure. This era gave rise to the term Killing Fields, and the prison Tuol Sleng became notorious for its history of mass killing. Hundreds of thousands fled across the border into neighbouring Thailand. The regime disproportionately targeted ethnic minority groups.

All the cambodian people trained in sciences, arts or education were prosecuted, imprisoned and murdered by this bloody regimen, including all the "golden voices" recorded here; it is their legacy to us, music lovers around the globe, we will not forget you!.

Enjoy the Smoking Tunes

That's the "future"(?) sound of jazz, traditionalist purists go to bloody hell.

Psychedelic Jazz

मुझे सितार स्पर्श... (Repost)

First part of this great groovy hindi sitar compilation (volume 2 here: Sitar Beat Vol.2 )


Mind in Flames (Repost)

Very strange, maybe a new "style" is born? Anyway, non stop madness awaits you inside.


Polizia, Viene Arrestato!!

Great italian 70's beat tunes from masters of the style (Trovajoli, Bacalov, Cipriani...)

Martin Denny and Les Baxter Returning From Outer Space (Repost)

Amazing theremin album based on the cool 50's exotica stuff inspired by Hawaii beaches and flower skirts. I'm ready to dance so closer with Turanga Leela.

December 29, 2010

The Perfect Blend for Today

Old school masters doing that they do better, without words.

Beastie Boys - The Mix Up

Touched by the Hands of the Lord (Repost)

Directly from Michoacan, Mexico, here is the most aggressive, powerful, defiant sound protected by heaven cherubs played by real a-go-go nuns (link in spanish); now go and dance with the holy trinity.


Having a good time with the fans

 Establishing contact with God before gig

One More Over The Sena River (Repost)

Why not another one?


Whistling Over Sena River

One more for the collection...Allons fou enfants de la patrie, le jour de musique est arrivé!

Singing Paris

We Came in Peace (Repost)

Atmospheric dub, mysterious waves into dark empty spaces.


Increasing the Chi (Repost)

Intrincated dense IDM, as intertwined binary codes.


Strong Cutted Basslines

Maybe the most younger dubstep musician and producer, started his career at 14 in South London, he has become in a music mega star, and now, at 24, he's leading the world uk-based scene by himself, or as a part of powerful trio Magnetic Man (together Skream and Artwork). Interesting avant-garde Dubstep, far away from his side project, mainly oriented to mainstream.

Le Plus Beau Dans Le Monde

Female 60's french beat, the proper sound for a shiny evening cocktail.

The Mahina Stars are Shining Forever

This is a total bootleg compilation found in the net, from a great japanese 60's band, mainly focused in romantic ballads mixed with traditional music from the empire of the rising sun, focused in great vocals and musical arrays; as you will see, sound sucks bad, but it's the only available register, at least for download. In the past years they were tributed by Pink Martini with the song "Kikuchiyo to Mohshimasu", performed together the former "stars" (As a special gift, some old cool covers).

Ready made for fancy crazy shushi & sake love nights (just for the real knowledgeable monkeys...)

Wada Hiroshi & His Mahina Stars - Singles (1956-1966)

December 28, 2010

คุณต้องการที่จะเต้น?? (Repost)

Wrapped in bamboo, the origins of thai pop-dance!!!


Dreaming in Grayscale (Repost)

Here is another landmark for dubstep, hailing from Bristol. The current 2562 moniker is derived from the artist's home district code, a choice that seems to proudly proclaim his distance from South London's dubstep ground zero. Sparse and simple tracks that allows gradually building tension in the empty space between bass drops.

मेरे साथ नृत्य, सुंदर!! (Repost)

Time to dance and fall in love at the Ganges banks.


The Anger of the Milled Grainbeast (Repost)

Extreme grindnoise drumworks to scare your neighborhood.


Improving the Strains (Repost)

Sublime energy to break the night routines.


A Way Into Creaking Noise (Repost)

Extreme powerful breakcore, try to follow the beats with a single breath.


Walking on the Edge of Life (Repost)

This outstanding artist plays music on the border between East and West, past and present, anyway existing outside of categories. Her music is a combination between tuvan throatsinging, experimental jazz, classical, electronica, and Buddhism. She claims that music and spirituality are related by desire, or the tension that yells to reawaken people. Eager to take part in the process of remembering what has been forgotten, this album presents itself like a map, proposing routes to connect Western physicality with Eastern spirituality. Its seductive beats and wild vocals are sure to shock and inspire.


The Angel of Love (Repost)

This is a special CMB compilation of late 60's singles from this jap diva, sore wa o tanoshimi kudasai!!

эклектичной музыки (Repost)

Interesting russian compilation, sounds to warm up the artic springs.


December 27, 2010

The Point Zero of 3D Plane (Repost)

Hard noisy strokes intersecting into a labyrinth of infinite space flat layers.


Beware, You Believers!! (Repost)

This sect of hellish "cEvin Key godchildren(!)" came from the Maple Lands to spread the disease of noisy impure faithless inverted words.


The Almost Perfect Creepy World (Repost)

The madness of the depraved clown is coming to reach you.


Cтранные звуки в специальных ума!! (Repost)

Mutant ill sounds arising from a advanced creative mind


Devastating Through Narrow Air Cones (Repost)

Hissing from the ancient celtic northwest, blowing out the Engerland.


Growls from the End of the World

Winding turns around the axis of apocalyptic noise wall.

Synchro Mode - Torke