June 14, 2012

Learning to learn, forgetting to forget (Repost)

Stormy dreams infecting the frontal cortex.

Visiting the chambers of an alien world (Repost)

Silent red sands dissolving the inner lung tissue.

Dark skies, cover the errors of mankind (Repost)

Grey day, watch the crows decompose the last traces of spirituality.

A cloudy afternoon to face infinity (Repost)

Contemplating the vastness fluid clock ticking the cosmic time...

June 10, 2012

Alone in the virtual hyperspace (Repost)

Abstract synthetic landscapes glittering towards the digital infinity.

Following the course of continental drift (Repost)

Ancient forgotten rhythms show me the way to pure wisdom knowledge.

Destroying the solid wastes of a sad soul (Repost)

Bassy downtempo-ruled beats to forget the blues of the past.

June 7, 2012

Grunting in total hate (Repost)

Monotonal deadly choirs announcing the beginning of war against lies and treason on earth.

The sounds of murdering torture (Repost)

Unhinged maniacs enjoying the pain of others, who claims for mercy in tiny unknowns languages...

Stop this murder, it is so unnecessarious!

The end of endings is near? (Repost)

Nuclear reactions spreading death on decaying isotopic activity.

Ritmos hipnóticos para comenzar la rebelión (Repost)

As prophets said, there will be a time of tribulation and rebellion under a screaming blood-drained world of unjustice and pain; it's just the time to fight against those who flaunt the power, and bring it back to the people who builds the future.

Making trophies with men (Repost)

Drilling heads as a way to feel accomplished.

Symbiotic nature against humanity (Repost)

Fused heterokaryon-based organelles are ready to start the involution of mankind.


A soul glued in void (Repost)

Watching the agonic forest falling apart in tiny screams.

June 1, 2012

A spitting fire chaotic dance (Repost)

Come to destroy the brainstem with no remorse!