October 26, 2022

Ata köklerine sevgi

(Ersen was born as Ersen Dinleten on July 4, 1946, in a poor neighborhood in Istanbul, he became interested in music at an early age. His father (a hero according to Ersen) was interested in the violin, so Ersen learned to play his father's instrument — as well as mandolin and guitar — when he was child. Spending most of his time practicing, he also studied the art of singing and later found himself singing Turkish folk tunes at local meetings and wedding parties.

Playing and singing in many orchestras until the end of the '60s, Ersen's faith turned when he met Cem Karaca in person. A newborn star in Turkish rock scene, Karaca was managing Bunalimlar at the time and offered Ersen an opportunity to record. His first single, "Olvido - Ak Guvercin," was released in 1969 and featured hypnotic guitar work from Unol Buyukgonenc. A year later, Ersen replaced Aziz Azmet of Mogollar to lead the band. The collaboration was very short, as Mogollar headed to France, so Ersen joined forces with another Anadolu pop band, Uc Hurel. Ersen's early singles were mostly Spanish-influenced, but he later evolved into a unique blend of Turkish folk and Western progressive themes. His breakthrough single, "Kozan Dagi," was released in 1972. "Sor Kendine," released that same year, was an incredible show of talent, and it's still one of the pivotal points of his career.  

He later joined Mogollar once again, played with Kardaslar, and at last formed his well-known band Dadaslar. Being a group of talented musicians of the present scene, Dadaslar could never maintain a stable line-up; however, they supplied the necessary background for one of the most important figures in the Anadolu pop/rock scene. Ersen released "Cakmagi Çak," "Yine Seni Taninm," "Bir Ayrilik Bir Yoksulluk Bir Olum," "Uc Kiz Bir Ana," "Ne Sevdigin Belli Ne Sevmedigin," and "Ekmek Parasi," among other singles, until the end of 1978.

Following the tendency of the Turkish music market in the '80s Ersen laid aside his band and continued his career alone. Like the rest of his fellow Turkish musicians, he was also forced to choose a side in the political turmoil of the day. Despite trying not to reveal clear political beliefs, he was right wing-oriented, and after the Army took control of the government, he was disrespected by many musicians and fans. He played and recorded for the Army and the governmental media, TRT. 


The battle for world peace

(Barry Gray (1908, Lancashire, England - 1984, Guernsey, Channel Islands) was a British musician and composer best known for his collaborations with television and film producer Gerry Anderson.

Born into a musical family, studied diligently and became a student at the Manchester Royal College of Music and at Blackburn Cathedral. He studied composition under the Hungarian born émigré composer Matyas Seiber.

In 1956 Gray joined Gerry Anderson's AP Films and scored its first marionette puppet television series, The Adventures of Twizzle. This was followed by Torchy The Battery Boy and Four Feather Falls, His association with Anderson lasted throughout the 1960s. Although best known for his score to Thunderbirds (in particular the "March of the Thunderbirds" title music), Gray's work also included the themes to all the other "Supermarionation" productions, including Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90

Additionally, Gray is known as the composer for the Anderson live-action series of the 1970s, such as UFO and Space: 1999. His work in cinema included the scores to the Thunderbirds feature films Thunderbirds Are Go (1966) and Thunderbird 6 (1968), and the live-action science-fiction drama Doppelgänger (1969)).


Descendre en quatre segments

(Ele Ypsis is the tortured child of distant artistic lovers that arises from the collaboration between French singer and composer Laure Le Prunenec (Öxxö Xööx, Igorrr, Corpo-Mente and Rïcin) and belgian composer and producer Stélian Derenne).

October 24, 2022

Taking down in noise

(Ceremony is an Alternative/Post Punk/Shoegaze project from Fredericksburg, VA, formed by John Fedowitz, former member of Skywave. It was formed in 2005 with alternating band members.  Currently he shares the stage and recording studio with his wife, Sandra Fedowitz
In April 2021 they both became members of A Place To Bury Strangers, thus reuniting John with Oliver Ackermann, many years after their experience in Skywave).

A world in empty words

(JK Flesh is an Illbient/Electronic/Noise project/alias of Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, Final and Jesu. An industrial point of view about scorn-like pathways). 

Hayallerin köprüsünün altında

(Altın Gün is a Dutch Amsterdam-based project founded in 2016, mixing Turkish folk, psychedelia, funk and rock. The band is formed by Jasper Verhulst (bass), Ben Rider (guitar), Merve Dasdemir (vocals), Erdinc Yildiz Ecevit (vocals, saz, keys), Gino Groeneveld (Percussion) and Daniel Smienk (drums).

Altin Gün ("Golden Day") plays Turkish folk songs which were passed on from generation to generation on the one hand and a dirty blend of funk rhythms, wah-wah guitars and analogue organs on the other. Older generations of Turkish musicians have also experimented with opening doors between previously unconnected sonic worlds. During the seventies, artists such as Baris Manço, Selda Bağcan and Erkin Koray practiced a way of songwriting and composing similar to Altin Gün’s. They took the music played during the festive occasions and serious formalities of their childhood, folk songs backed by a traditional Turkish string instrument called the saz. To this, they added the techniques and vibes of their times and the result then went on to become a distinct Turkish sound during 1972-1977 which even today still sounds rich, danceable and heavily mind bending. 

Manço, Bağcan and Koray have all influenced Altin Gün, but their foremost inspiration is Neşet Ertaş, a Turkish folk musician whose musical legacy is invaluable. Comparisons are almost impossible to make but imagine someone with the same impact and status as Bob Dylan or George Gerschwin and you’re getting close. Many of the songs he wrote have become standards in Turkey, national treasures which are cherished up until the present day. Altin Gün retain the lyrical and thematic structure of Ertaş’s songs, though they often alter their time signatures and add fuzzy bass sounds, sweltering organ sounds and raw saz riffs. Ertaş wrote the majority of the songs on the album even if these are hardly recognisable after all the work Altin Gün have done on them.  

In 2019 they were nominated for a Grammy for their album Gece in the category "Best World Music Album").


October 19, 2022

La symbolique de la mélancolie

(Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones is a French Dark/Improvised/Jazz, formed by Gaël Loison, Christophe Mevel, Arnaud Le Gall and Yannick Martin; 50's crooners singers, noisy guitars, atmospheric electronic and hypnotic jazz. All of these elements painted in monochrome black).

Traces of a lonely past

(The Soft Moon is an Oakland, CA based Neo-Post-punk band founded by Luis Vasquez as a solo project in 2009).


Une métamorphose inattendue

(Sebkha-Chott is an experimental rock band from Le Mans, France, implying a mythology and a world (Ohreland) within all its actions (albums, shows, communications). The band is often listed in very different styles and categories: metal, jazz or fusion; mainly, Sebkha-Chott is compared to Frank Zappa, Magma, Mr Bungle and Fantômas.

Mocking categorization, they pretends playing self-proclamated musical styles: Mekanik Metal Disco (until 2008), Abstract Low Coast Hip Hop/Concrete Violence/AvantPorn Mekanik Metal (from 2009), often condensed in: Bizarre AvantPorn Mekanik TheaterCore (since 2012).

Actually the band is formed by Wladimir Ohrelianov II (vocals, guitar, bass, programming), Souv' Ponk (voice, programming, saxophone) and Yüla Slipovitch (voice, drums, programming)).


Fortellinger om mørke tider

(Distortion Six is a Norwegian Industrial/Noise project formed by Nichlas Schermann).

October 14, 2022

A arte de ficar parado

(10 000 Russos is a Portuguese Shoegaze/Psychedelic/Post Rock band formed by João Pimenta and Pedro Pestana; the band tried out some avant garde experiments and finds them in magnificent, shamanic droning form).

A manual to hate blondes

(Morricone Youth is a collective formed in New York City in 1999 with the mission statement of composing, re-interpreting, performing and recording only "music written for the moving image." With a repertoire of over 100 reinterpretations of film and television soundtracks and music production library recordings, the band performs with projections thematically dedicated to specific composers or film music genres in addition to composing and performing its own original live scores to old silent films, midnight movies, animations and shorts in theaters and art spaces. 

The band is formed by Brian Kantor, Dan Kessler, Devon E. Levins, Devon Goldberg, Greg O'Keeffe, Jefferson Rabb, John Castro, Kenny Shaw, Robert Conroy and Sami Stevens).

Samen des Bösen säen

(Peter Thomas was a German composer and arranger, born 1st December 1925 in Breslau, Silesia (today Poland) and came a little later to Berlin, where he remained up to his beginnings as a film musician. He wrote a lots of soundtracks for movies and television series. His music oscillates between easy listening/lounge and electronic/space-age styles. The musician is abroadly well known as director of the incredible musical group The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra. He died 17th May 2020 in Lugano, Switzerland).


Symphonies pour la fin des temps

(Ele Ypsis is the tortured child of distant artistic lovers that arises from the collaboration between French singer and composer Laure Le Prunenec (Öxxö Xööx, Igorrr, Corpo-Mente and Rïcin) and belgian composer and producer Stélian Derenne).

Rädsla för inre lidande

(Wychdoktor is a Swedish Pagan Tribal/Noise/Dark Ambient band formed by Ed Reeler, who explores themes of mythology, ritual, despair and isolation by experimenting with distorted drums, harsh synths and rhythmic noise).