July 28, 2010

Trippin' in the snow fields (Repost)

Surfing in the net i've found this interesting album, a compilation based on new trip-hop russian bands; a good start point to discover that world of sounds. Go ahead!


Start the siege engines (Repost)

Maduro is a Washington D.C. area electronic music artist who records a blend of dark, textured electronica and “Electribal” music catering to the darker and more abstract side of world fusion and period music. Maduro signed with Eventide Music Productions in 2006 and Octofoil Records in 2008. Maduro has appeared on compilations with Venetian Snares, Amon Tobin, Bassnectar, and Muslimgauze, and he has been featured in numerous compilations, performances, DVDs, and documentaries around the world.

In June 2006, Eventide Music Productions released Shimmer Sustain, a collection of dark world fusion electronica mixed with 8 bit video game sounds. Following the success of this release, Juno Wakes, an audio excursion into an underworld of dreaming, decay, ghosts, and processionals, was released in August 2007. In April 2008, Octofoil Records released Maduro's Siege, a dark world fusion release punctuated with Middle Eastern and South Asian progressions, crunched break beats and fragments, and industrial highlights. In October 2008, Octofoil Records released Fin de Siècle, a short album and a degenerative audio snapshot capturing 100 year-old band sounds, carnival and circus progressions, broken organ grinders, as well as fragmented beats, dubstep, and hip hop accents. Enjoy!


July 27, 2010

Dark beats from the north (Repost)

Soma Sonic is a canadian recording artist and production duo consisting of brothers Dominic and François Paterson; their musical style blends elements of Lounge, Downtempo, House, Dub and mainly Trip Hop in a very dark way.


Love in modern times

Fresh brand new album by mega superb trip-hop polish orchestra Digit All Love, get it now.

Digit All Love - V [Fau]

I'm back !!!

The odyssey continues.....Waiting for the Comments!!