January 23, 2024

Spreading unrest in dark lands

(Whatitdo Archive Group is a Cinematic/Exotica/Funk band from Reno, NV, formed by Aaron Chiazza, Alexander Korostinsky and Mark Sexton; the movie itself was understood to be unusual for its time: a globetrotting adventure/western-noir written and directed by aspiring visionary, Stefano Paradisi. Unfortunately for Paradisi, the tragic loss of his masterpiece during a fire also meant the end of his short lived career in movies.

People who worked on the film have been cited as saying this film was very ambitious, set to be a turning point in Paradisi’s carrier putting him on the map alongside the likes of Sergio Leone and Antonioni; long thought to be lost alongside the movie itself by the production studio, the soundtrack's master reels were recently recovered and its audio meticulously restored and remastered by J.J. Golden in Ventura, CA., while the movie never saw the light of day, the soundtrack by Whatitdo Archive Group has thankfully been recovered).

Exhaling life in a blue garden

(Magic Wands is a Shoegaze/Dream Pop duo formed in Nashville, TN, by guitarists and vocalists Chris and Dexy Valentine. Based in Los Angeles, the band is known for their shimmering and dreamy sound, which incorporates elements of gothic post punk, and dark dream pop. Their music is characterized by its heavily-textured guitars, droning synths, and ethereal vocals, which are designed to create an otherworldly atmosphere).

January 21, 2024

Under den røde himmel går fortabte sjæle

(Martin Dirkov is a Danish filmcomposer, sounddesigner and musician. He graduated from the Danish filmschool in 2011. He is based in Copenhagen but collaborates with people all over the world.
Martin has composed music for several documentaries and feature films including “Gräns” (Border) by Ali Abassi, “Shorta“ by Anders Ølholm &Frederik Louis Hviid, “Holiday” by Isabella Eklöf, “The Charmer” by Milad Alami and “Shelley” by Ali Abassi.
He also does sounddesign on films, commercials, animation and art films and quite often blends music and sounddesign on these if appropriate).


Respirando a humidade do bosque encantado

(trajedesaliva is a Spanish Vigo-based Galician Dark Ambient project  (formed by Mon Ninguén & unavena), teams up with Madrid-born singer and pianist Maud the Moth (Amaya López-Carromero) to create a soundtrack to Remedios's Varo work , a painter born in Spain in 1908, who lived in exile in Mexico until her death in 1963.

Making use of analog synthesizers, an arsenal of acoustic instruments and multifaceted voices, both art projects bring their respective idiosyncrasies to the palette, creating a soundtrack riddled with symbolism and references to the pictorial work of Remedios. Like this work, the musical compositions and arrangements seek to explore associations of the subconscious and exploit the beauty of chance. Many of the instruments used in this album are sensitive to weather conditions or are found objects; pianos or guitars which have fallen out of tune providing notes with which to construct invented scales as if guided by the hand of a mystical Hildegardian god.
Finally, unavena's poems serve as a narrative structure, which frames the landscapes and territories sonically traversed).



Le uaigneas mar mo chompánach amháin

(The Murder Capital is an Irish post-punk band based in Dublin formed in 2015 by Cathal Roper, Damian Tuit, Diarmuid Brennan, Gabriel Paschal Blake and James McGovern).

January 19, 2024

Reinterpretazione della musica celestiale

(Sonic Jesus is a Psychedelic Rock/Shoegaze band from Doganella di Ninfa, Italy, formed in 2012 by Marco Baldassari, Marco Barzetti and Tiziano Veronese).

Stridore di soffi maniaco-depressivi

(Textbook of Modern Karate (or just TMK) is the ongoing collaborative project involving sonic mongers Jd & Eve and a very close bunch of talented musicians that led to a over 15 years activity; started as a progressive/avant-garde extreme metal phenomenon, the Textbook of Modern Karate (formerly known as Thee Maldoror Kollective) evolved into a multi-dimensional experience and very much a statement rather than just a musical journey).

Farmacologie van emotionele controle

(Ioana Iorgu is a Groeningen-based Dutch independent music producer, a self-taught guitarist and drummer. After experimenting with ambient music, Ioana kicked off a new chapter by honing her sound further, employing dissonant guitar riffs and thumping drum beats.

At the age of 14, while living in Malaysia, she was greatly inspired by her English teacher whom she played in a band with, and introduced her to some of her formative records. Ioana released her first instrumental album Silent Scream with songs she composed in 2015 and after that produced another EP, the shoegaze saturated Fiction. After experimenting with ambient music, Ioana kicked off a postpunk chapter employing dissonant guitar riffs, thumping bone-cold drum beats and spoken, unsettling vocals. All instrumentals and recordings are written & produced by Ioana herself. Live, she is accompanied by a session drummer).

The place where dreams end sadly

(93MillionMilesFromTheSun is a Shoegaze band from Doncaster, England, formed by Nick Mainline (Guitar, Noise, Vocals), Jase Burns (Drums, Loops, Samples, Noise), Kenno (Bass, Noise)).

In die ewige Leere fallen

(Glaring is a Darkwave/Experimental/Post Punk solo project by german musician Anna Nin from None).

La città dei morti viventi

(Thee Maldoror Kollective is an Italian band from Turin, Piedmont. The project started in 1991 as a Black Metal band called Funeral Fog, then changed name to Maldoror in 1997 and finally in Thee Maldoror Kollective in 2001; since the last name change they evolved in an Industrial/Avant-garde sound).

La mort vient du ciel

(Blut Aus Nord is a Black Metal band from Mondeville, Calvados, France, which has incorporated avant-garde elements in its music. Vindsval began a solo project, under the name "Vlad", in 1993. Blut Aus Nord's work has been described as the "sonic equivalent to thorns injecting Streetcleaner-era Godflesh with an evil unpredictability).

January 11, 2024

Sons digitais na floresta

(Outro Tempo (Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992) and Outro Tempo (Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1984-1996) are both Brazilian Experimental/Ambient/Electronic compilations made by Dutch Music From Memory label).

Here Vol. I



Savage cats from outer space

(Gigantic Brain is a Doom/Noise/Experimental duo from Virginia, formed by John Brown & Mastin Simmons).



(Rough Guide to the Best Japanese Music You've Never Heard is a Japanese modern music compiled by English Music Rough Guides label).

January 10, 2024

Blessing of the unblessed

(Dead Cross is an Experimental/Math/Hardcore band formed by Dave Lombardo (drums), Justin Pearson (bass), Michael Crain (guitar), and Mike Patton (vocals)). 

Cánh đồng lúa yêu

(Saigon Super Sound is the story of a musical era that was almost lost. The selection of tracks is limited to the period between 1965 and 1975, the so-called “Golden Era” in the South of Vietnam, where – under difficult circumstances - a lively pop culture had developed.

The music of Vietnam in the sixties was shaped by three currents: Nhạc đỏ (“red music” or communist revolutionary music) had developed around the beginning of the 20th century in opposition to the French colonization of Indochina. It usually promoted independence, socialism and anti-capitalism in its lyrics and was the dominant genre in the communist North. These were mostly heroic songs celebrating the men and women who left their families to bravely fight against the French and, soon enough, also the US Army.

This collection focuses on the South, where under “imported” western influence a new kind of pop and rock music had developed: Nhạc Vàng (“yellow music” or “golden music”), Nhạc Trẻ (“young music”). Nhạc Vàng are poetic, often sentimental and sad love songs (Tình Khúc) as well as simple, easily accessible compositions which praised the beauty of the motherland).

Here Vol.3

Here Vol 1/2

Screams from abandoned underground

(Bestial Mouths is a Darkwave/Industrial/Post-Punk/Noise band from Sacramento, CA, formed by Lynette Cerezo (vocals), Christopher Myrick (synthesizers), Gustavo Aldana (synthesizers, programming) and Jessica Reuter (drums)).

La désolation des forêts imprévisibles

(Blut Aus Nord is a Black Metal band from Mondeville, Calvados, France, which has incorporated avant-garde elements in its music. Vindsval began a solo project, under the name "Vlad", in 1993. Blut Aus Nord's work has been described as the "sonic equivalent to thorns injecting Streetcleaner-era Godflesh with an evil unpredictability).

الرقص على الرمال المغلية

(Oriental Rare Groove (Rare Funky Songs From The Arabic World) is an Arabian Funk/Folk compilation made by French label Wagram Music).

Spiral collapsing nebulae

(Superdrone is a Shoegaze band from Southampton, UK formed by Ed Richards and Tien; space people out using a set of complex sonic waveforms. The songs are scientifically altered and structured to make you feel as though you are on some kind of groovy experimental medication giving a live experience like no other band you have ever or will ever see - ever. A new strain of alternative/drone psych that has got people talking from all the 5 corners of the universe).

Embarquer sur le Lumière du jour express

(Alexandre Desplat (born 23 August 1961 in Paris, France) is a French film composer; at the age of five, Desplat began playing piano and also became proficient on trumpet and flute. He studied with Claude Ballif, Iannis Xenakis in France and Jack Hayes in the USA. He was also influenced by South American and African artists and teachers, among whom were Carlinhos Brown and Ray Lema.

Desplat has extensively composed for films, first in France and later in Hollywood, including scores and incidental music for some 100 films. He has also composed individual songs that have been sung in films. His most known works include the scores to "The Painted Veil", "The Queen", "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

In addition, he has written music for the theater, including pieces performed at the Comédie Française. In addition to his composing and performing, Desplat has also given Master Classes at La Sorbonne in Paris and at London's Royal College of Music).


Dormir dans la somnolence du monoxyde

Die Form is a French post-industrial and electronic band formed in 1977; is the primary project of the French electronic musician and multimedia artist Philippe Fichot; whilst the project was still in its infancy, the underlying concepts were still evident - a combination of esoteric electronic experiments with an underlying theme of erotism, death and other 'taboo' subjects, apparent in both the music and the album artwork, which Philippe also produces. Other early projects of Philippe Fichot included Krylon Hertz, Mental Code, Camera Obscura, Eva-Johanna Reichstag, Hurt and Fine Automatic.

Since many years, the band are well renowned for creating a type of music and image in league with the art form of "multimedia intervention" (combining music, performance, photography and cinema/video). Always motivated by their passions, Philippe Fichot and Eliane P. depict the ultimate beauty of love, at the boundary of the forbidden). 

Cantare le canzoni maledette

(Thee Maldoror Kollective is an Italian band from Turin, Piedmont. The project started in 1991 as a Black Metal band called Funeral Fog, then changed name to Maldoror in 1997 and finally in Thee Maldoror Kollective in 2001; since the last name change they evolved in an Industrial/Avant-garde sound).

Across the weakness of men

(Noel Scott Engel (January 9, 1943 - March 22, 2019), better known by his stage name Scott Walker, was an American-British singer-songwriter and record producer who resided in England. Walker was known for his emotive voice and his unorthodox stylistic path which took him from being a teen pop icon in the 1960s to an avant-garde musician from the 1990s to his death. Walker's success was largely in the United Kingdom, where his first four solo albums reached the top ten. He lived in the UK from 1965 onward and became a UK citizen in 1970.

Rising to fame in the mid-1960s as frontman of the pop music trio the Walker Brothers, he began a solo career with 1967's Scott, moving toward an increasingly challenging style on late-1960s baroque pop albums such as Scott 3 and Scott 4 (both 1969). After sales of his solo work started to decrease, he reunited with the Walker Brothers in the mid-1970s. From the mid-1980s onward, Walker revived his solo career while moving in an increasingly avant-garde direction.  Walker's 1960s recordings were highly regarded by the 1980s UK underground music scene, and gained a cult following).


Türk efsanelerinin şarkıları

(Derya Yildirim is a Berlin-based German musician who was born in Hamburg in the mid-1990s. With her band Şimşek, in which she sings and plays Bağlama, the artist fuses Anatolian folklore with Western psychedelia).

Hello again to everyone

After a long period of absence for usual reasons in primate life, I am back to continue sharing old and new material obtained in my trips around the musical world, be my guests in 2024, the fourteenth year of this personal project.  

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