February 23, 2011

Mixing from the Cold

Bloody hell, how i love this music!! Russians masters of strange sounds, all mixed up.

Messer für Frau Müller - Remixodelica

Revisiting the Pocket Dummies Robots

Another (deserved) tribute to the true electro pioneers.

Cracking the Code - A Tribute to Kraftwerk

February 22, 2011

...The Dolls are Waiting for....(Repost)

Sounds of tomorrow in a beat funky moogy way.


Amudo Nae Mamsog-e Mwoga Issneunji Aneun? (Repost)

From asian psycho-ages comes this old nice album, be ready to dance and spread the peace all over the world.


Whistling under the Sun (Repost)

Funny a-go-go (really?) album from hong kong, half spaghetti western tribute, half war hymns (!) and oldie songs from the land of freedom and opportunities... (joke). In fact, a very (to say) curious record.


February 12, 2011

The Theater of Pain

Interesting dark 70's cult film score from this prolific japanese theatrical composer and actor; his music was mainly composed for the incidental background of gothic arthouse horror films directed by his creative partner Shuji Terayama. Bloody pretty wild stuff, when kabuki meets hell.

J.A. Caesar - Den'en Ni Shisu

Enjoying the Summer in South Hemisphere

That's what i call a resting time, coming back soon!!

February 2, 2011

हिन्दू आठ नृत्य रूपों

Hindu spicy groovy lounge compilation to take the Sari out.

Bombay the Hard Way Guns, Cars & Sitars

Золота колекція від Азовського моря

Nice surprising ukranian golden hit collection from 70's, grooves from behind the iron curtain (in the search of 50's and 60's volumes, anybody out there?)

Хіти української естради 70-х років

Schütteln Küken!!

More german beat tunes in the groovy kraut way, follow the swing.