January 28, 2019

Against natural intelligence

Circuits connected in the electric ghosts land.

(Black Rain is a NY experimental project produced by founder and figurehead Stuart Argabright; his work is a mix of hard-edged sonic fiction rooted in cyberpunk's quintessential neo-noir cityscape/dataspace, though projecting into a farther future of biotechnological advancement and alienation).

Un coșmar îngrijorător pentru făt

Dark chants inspired in "Les fleurs du mal".

(Divine Muzak is a romanian experimental/darkwave duo formed in 1999 by Dan Şerbănescu (voice, synthesizer, sampler, programming, guitar, bass, accordion, xaphoon, kalimba, lyrics), and Julie Şerbănescu (voice and poetry).

Following moving stars

Reading the ancient book of death.

(Demdike Stare is an ambient/dub/experimental electronic english music project, that was conceived in 2009 and based out of Manchester. Demdike Stare was formed in by Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker, both of whom were already well-established in Manchester's music scene. Whittaker is also known for his work in Pendle Coven and under his solo projects, MLZ, Daughter of the Industrial Revolution, Suum Cuique, and Miles. Canty is a respected DJ and also known for his involvement with Finders Keepers, an archival label based in Manchester and London. Their mixtapes and albums incorporate a wide variety of influence from Jazz to Library Music, and Industrial. they have steadily shifted their sound and setup throughout the span of the project).

Zu füßen der statue weinen

Offering blood for loved ones.

(Apoptose is an industrial/dark ambient one man project from Germany. *The apoptosis (Apoptose in German) is the process of highly regulated and controlled programmed cell death that may occur in multicellular organisms).

How to be phobic to phobias

Releasing the fears of puberty.

(Gazelle Twin is the stage name of Elizabeth Bernholz, a British composer, producer and musician from Brighton, England; this is a soundtrack to the short film and live performance collaboration 'Out Of Body' with British animator and filmmaker, Carla MacKinnon, commissioned by the London Short Film Festival 2015, and supported by Arts Council England. Includes Phobia and Anti Body from the 2014 EP Anti Body (from the album Unflesh)). 

Procession of dark masks

Four compositions glorifying the marriage of gods and men.

(Black Seas Of Infinity is a band formed in 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah. In their beginning BSOI was a black metal band, but as their career progressed they changed to a ritualistic dark ambient sounds). 

January 17, 2019

Malignant clouds in doom times

Jumping onto forbidden borders.

(Although Jamie Saft is best known as a jazz pianist, especially for his work with various Masada projects, he's a rocker at heart; Swami LatePlate -his duo with drummer Bobby Previte- seeks to a degree to cross the divide. In one sense a piano trio, with Saft doubling on electric bass, the project borrows as much from heavy rock sensibilities. Their debut album and the first on Saft's new label Veal, falls closer to the jazz side, but the title indicates the process that got them there.

Using doom -a slow, foreboding style of heavy metal- as a template, the duo crafts a set of songs that creeps along powerfully. The themes are simple, generally carried by subdued bass lines and ornamented by the piano like salt on a glacier. What jumps out most is Previte's drumming. Every cymbal vibration and snare snap leaps to the foreground and, with rare exception, decays before the next strike, as much a testament to Previte's assured playing as Saft's engineering. The sound throughout is bright and super present). 

Drinking the blood of ancestors

Dark rituals inside magic circles.

(Terroritmo was an Italian musical group, born in 1991. It was an anonymous collective, not inclined to display its image. Although labeled as industrial, the multiple cultural and musical influences make it difficult to categorize: electronic, concrete music, and noise are combined with a search for organicity, as in primitive, shamanic music. The references present in the traces and in the few visual and textual information present in the publications indicate strong influences of alchemy, voudou and esotericism. After 20 years of activity, at 11-11-2011 changed the name to "Wakinyan").

Долгий осенний день

Long afternoons submerged in ice.

(Стук Бамбука В XI Часов (Stuk Bambuka V XI Chasov) was an ambient/experimental band from Russia, whose sole release was Лёгкое Дело Холод (Legkoe Delo Holod, 1991); the band was formed by Vasily Agafonov, Dmitry Demin, Dmitry Noskov and Konstantin Bagaev).

January 15, 2019

A red endless sky

Songs for the long goodbye.

(Detour Doom Project is a doom jazz act from Italy and Germany. The band was formerly founded in 2014, a fusion of members from several bands from Italy and USA : Macellaria Mobile di Mezzanotte,Colloquio, Spiteful Womb and Rosengarten. Creating dark atmospheres, persuasive and dilated, directly inspired by visions in monochromatic dreamscapes and deserts is the goal of this project, Detour Doom Project pays tribute to the atmosphere of Film Noir).

Борьба с неизбежным

The long road to nothing.

(Fatal was a dark obscure one-man russian project leaded by Roman Sidorov).


The cold happiness of summer timess

So faster the time has gone...

(Estraya is the acoustic side project of the band Lycia. They released only the album The Time Has Come And Gone which is now listed as a Lycia album in the discography found at the official Lycia homepage; Estraya is a heavily effected acoustic/electronic hybrid, dark, moody and atmospheric. It’s feel can best be described as an extention of the style first explored with the Lycia songs “Everything Is Cold” and “Goddess Of The Green Fields” from the 1993 release A Day In The Stark Corner).

EKасаясь прозрачности границы неба

Errant lights at the end of the long tunnel.

(Старуха Мха (Staruha Mha) is a Roman's Sidorov one-man dark ambient/industrial project from Moscow, Russia).

Remembering fragments of winter days

Disturbances caused by a young wandering spirit.

(Oneiroid Psychosis is an American dark wave musical duo consisting of brothers Lars and Leif Hansen. Originally known simply as Psychosis, they were discovered by Decibel Records in 1993 and have been making music using the name Oneiroid Psychosis since. The music of Oneiroid Psychosis is known as some of the darkest in existence. Characterized by dark synth textures and thought-provoking lyrics and vocals - it is difficult to categorize them. Thus they became the originators of a new genre now known as Progressive Darkwave. The phrase "oneiroid psychosis" defines a pathologic state in which the subject has difficulty differentiating between reality and dreams).

January 14, 2019

Fear of the blinding white light

Tremors at went down to the depths.

(Bordel Militaire is a belgian band formed by Ben Taylor and David Tonkin, who draws inspiration from classic film soundtracks, lounge and exotica and noise artists, and iconic 60’s production techniques, mixing parts of 50′s lounge, one part Morricone, one part power-electronica, one part neo-loungecore, a twist of exotica and a dash of bitters).

Hастоящая боль в сердце

Crying out for inner peace never found.

(Der Golem was an experimental band from Fryazino, Russia, formed in 1999 by Roman Sidorov (Старуха Мха, Sedativ, Fatal) and Dmitry Zubov (Hypnoz, Zuboff Sex Shop). Der Golem released two albums, "Zmet" in 1999 and "Дисциплина взорванных мостов" in 2000. Their music was a strange mix of industrial, post-punk, post-rock and drone ambient. Unfortunately both musicians are dead: Roman Sidorov committed suicide in September 2003, and Dmitry Zubov died by same way in October 2011).

Breaking the balance of peace

(Ishraqiyun & The Electromagnetic Azoth are both side projects from Secret Chiefs 3 former leader Trey Spruance, that blends everything from Bollywood Funk and traditional Middle Eastern sounds to Death Metal and Drum n' Bass).


Black mechanical rituals

Fourteen hymns to the eternal obscurity.

(Maschinenzimmer 412 (currently known as Mz.412) are the inventors of the so called "black industrial", a dark and haunting music which mixes industrial noise, ritual ambient and black metal atmospheres. The mastermind behind the project is Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, aided by different people with each release). 

Summer is coming in the damned island

Dancing on the cliffs so that the fire attracts good harvests.

(Extended OST version of british 1973 film "The Wicker Man" by Robin Hardy, performed by Magnet and Paul Giovanni)

"In the woods there grew a tree and a fine fine tree was he

and on that tree there was a limb, and on that limb there was a branch, and on that branch there was a nest, and in that nest there was an egg, and in that egg there was a bird, and from that bird a feather came, and of that feather was a bed.

and on that bed there was a girl, and on that girl there was a man, and from that man there was a seed, and from that seed there was a boy, and from that boy there was a man, and for that man there was a grave, and from that grave there grew a tree.

In the Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle wood".... 

Whispers in a dark night

Soft cries in midnight melancholy.

(Midnight Radio - Noir Jazz is a dark jazz compilation made by Signora Ward Records)


January 10, 2019

Der klang dunkler städte

Swing zombies surrounding the club.

(Bohren & Der Club Of Gore is a german band founded in 1992 in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The band was formed by members of various grindcore/hardcore and death/doom metal bands. In their search for a "unique sound", they started to play what they call "doom ridden jazz music".

Initially the band was called "Bohren". In 1993, the name was expanded to "Bohren & Der Club of Gore" as a link to the Dutch band Gore, which inspired Bohren to play instrumental music).

An empire dying in flames

Massive implosion of mega stars.

(Asva is an American experimental doom/sludge/drone metal band, originally formed by Stuart Dahlquist and B.R.A.D. in 2003. The name of the project is derived from a Sanskrit word aśva, meaning a "horse". Asva never fits traditional definitions of such genres as doom, sludge or drone, always presenting uncommon and unconventional interpretations, even though this project had a significant influence on the scene. But the latest album confirms the final departure from a realm of purely metal-related genres, being much more melodic and uplifted. Phillipe Petit is the man who
Runs BiP_HOp and Pandemonium Records labels). 

Letzter Atemzugschrei

Smiling at the end of heartbeats.

(Heads. is a german-Australian Sludge/Noise Rock band from Berlin, formed in 2014 by Chris Breuer, Ed Fraser and Peter Voigtmann)

Touched by massive amount of bees

Neuromuscular blockage by Apamin SK channels receptors.

(Nahja Mora is an experimental electronic music project formed by Josef Saint in 2005. Utilizing a mix of digital synthesizers; archaic samplers; video game systems; and orchestral instruments, Nahja Mora delves into unorthodox tunings and compositional forms to create what is termed "an aggressive, experimental, multimedia demolition.". The band is formed by Josef Saint (Vocals; Keyboards; Synthesizers; Samplers; Programming; Viola; Balalaika; Electric Guitar), Jenny Rae Mettee (Electric Bass; Synthesizers; Keyboards; Cello), Hobart Blankenburg (Keyboards; Samplers; Synthesizers), Hemlock MacNamara (electronic percussion, samplers, keyboards, synthesizers). 

Hordes of synthetic demons

Dark legions of mortal waves warriors.

(GosT is an one man synthwave/witch house/electrodark band formed by James Lollar, in an intense dark, atmospheric, suspenseful, energetic, ominous, mechanical, futuristic, occult, apocalyptic, rhythmic style)

Ghosts of a bloody past

Harmonies for dark night souls.

(Ulver is a genre-spanning group from Norway, active since 1993. On their demos and first album, "Bergtatt", they played black/folk metal, 1996's "Kveldssanger" is an entirely acoustic folk album and 1997's "Nattens Madrigal" is raw, aggressive black metal. Around 1998 they began producing experimental, electronic and avantgarde music. Since 2000 the core of the band consists of Kristoffer Rygg, Tore Ylwizaker and Jørn H. Sværen. The three however collaborate with various musicians on their albums depending on the needs of the musical project at hand. Ulver means "Wolves" in Norwegian). 

गिरोह भर में उड़ान

Submerging in multicolored rivers.

(Psych Rock from India is a psychedelic/garage compilation made by Purple Pyramid label)


January 8, 2019

An ode to punished flesh

Tortures souls drowned in light.

(Vessel is the pseudonym of 22 year old Bristolian Sebastian Gainsborough. Having only been producing for a few years Seb rose to prominence in 2011 through acclaimed releases for Throwing Snow's fledgling label left_blank, along with a sold out cassette release for Rekordah’s boutique imprint Astro-Dynamics. In early 2012 Seb signed with the all conquering Tri Angle records (home to Balam Acab, oOoOO, Holy Other, Clams Casino, The Haxan Cloak) to release his debut album.

Taking influence as much from the bass heavy heritage of the city around him as from sounds emerging further afield, Seb creates exciting, unclassifiable music across shifting BPM's).

Trees consumed by cold fire

Evil walks upon boiling snow.

(Nadja is Aidan Baker (guitars/vocals/drum programming) & Leah Buckareff (bass/vocals). Originally formed in 2003 as a Baker solo project, the now-duo creates ambient-drone-metal, combining ambient electronics & fragmentary vocals with snail-crawl, epic riffs & dirge-like percussion). 

Reclined on my dreaming hill

Surfing the unsilent harsh tides.

(Flying Saucer Attack is an experimental space rock band that formed in Bristol, England in 1992. David Pearce was the core member of the group, and Rachel Brook (of Movietone, another Bristol band) was a member for most of the band's lifetime.

The band were marked by quiet vocals and sheets of feedback with similarities to contemporary shoegazing bands, or The Jesus and Mary Chain. FSA were able to create a small but enthusiastic fanbase as one of the more remarkable experimental bands of the day. The band were notable for recording most of their output at home into a normal home stereo system, avoiding recording studios as much as they could. This gave their music a DIY feel and gave them the freedom to experiment as much as they wanted). 

Two ways to loose clarity

The excess of light produces irreversible spiritual damage.

(Aelter is the solo doom/ethereal project of Blake Green of PussyGutt and Wolvserpent).

A climb into blindness

Eyes bleeding until night ends.

(The Body, the duo of Lee Buford and Chip King continue to defy the constraints of what it means to be a “heavy” band, seamlessly combining composition or production approaches from hip hop, pop, classical, as well as rock and electronica resulting in a rich and utterly singular sound. Full of Hell is a hardcore punk band incorporating elements of grindcore and harsh electronics. Based out of Maryland (Ocean City) and Pennsylvania, USA, was formed in 2009).

Calling of the white crows

Entering the gates of the deep way to nowhere.

(Dead Man's Hill is a dark ambient/martial/post-industrial band from Belgium founded in 1998 by Bart Piette. This album is written during the winter of 2014/2015 when he spent a lot of nights in the forests. After entering the deep alternate layers and pathways of the forest, and inspired by the calls of the owls and foxes during these nights, this album came to life, loaded with these specific energies. All tracks were written right after the Full Moon, and finished at the end of the first quarter of the Waning Moon, so it is strongly recommended that one should listen to this album during these times of the month).

Errant éternellement à travers le purgatoire

Deep depression of dark ages.

(A.n.K.h // is a french industrial/experimental dark ambient/ one man band from Montpellier, formed by Eryk-C).

An introduction to acoustic darkness

Touring the dark passages of the Breton forests.

(Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones is a french dark/improvised/jazz, formed by Gaël Loison, Christophe Mevel, Arnaud Le Gall und Yannick Martin; this album is a glimpse of the present live sound of the Dale Cooper Quartet: 50's crooners singers, noisy guitars, atmospheric electronic and hypnotic jazz. All of these elements painted in monochrome black).


January 5, 2019

Sizzling waves give way to darkness

About the melancholy of molecules breaking their covalent bonds.

(Since many years, the french band Die Form are well renowned for creating a type of music and image in league with the art form of "multimedia intervention" (combining music, performance, photography and cinema/video). Always motivated by their passions, Philippe Fichot and Eliane P. depict the ultimate beauty of love, at the boundary of the forbidden. This album is the new solo-project of Philippe Fichot).

Eyes don't see the ethers

When emotions are lost in the emptiness of oblivion...

(Amp is an English ambient/space/drone group based around the core members Richard Walker and Karine Charff. Walker was a member of a band in Bristol called The Secret Garden that incubated a number of groups including Flying Saucer Attack and Third Eye Foundation. In 1992 he left the band; singles from Amp began to come out on a number of small English labels and a debut album called Sirènes was released in 1996 on the Wurlitzer Jukebox label in the UK and a short-lived American label called Petrol).


Marcher dans les ruines fumantes

Final battle for autocratic power.

(Auswalht has treated us with a great dose of military music. Earlier mentioned projects - March of Heroes and Liyr did not appear there by accident. Auswalht indirectly refers to achievements of two groups while seizing roughness of March of Heroes and Liyr’s atmosphere. What’s worth mentioning is that the music of Auswalht and Liyr was composed by the same person, Sven Mann).


The real image of divinity

A feast into Bardo gardens of delight.

(Jarboe La Salle Devereaux, known mononymously as Jarboe is an American singer-songwriter and keyboardist who came to prominence as a member of the New York City-based band Swans in 1985. Jarboe and Michael Gira, the founder of Swans, were the two constant members of the group until it broke up in 1997. Although absent from the group's lineup when the band reformed in 2010, Jarboe contributed background vocals and voice collage for the band's 2012 album, The Seer. She has released numerous solo albums and collaborations, many of which have been self-published. She also co-composed the soundtrack of a horror game titled The Path).

Bränna templen i Tyr

This is the end of the eternal struggle.

(Maschinenzimmer 412 (currently known as Mz.412) are the inventors of the so called "black industrial", a dark and haunting music which mixes industrial noise, ritual ambient and black metal atmospheres. The mastermind behind the project is the swedish musician Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, aided by different people with each release). 

Resurrection of old spirits

Echoes of the past martyrs laments.

(Ides of Gemini are Black Math Horseman's Sera Timms (vocals/bass), veteran music and film journalist J. Bennett (guitar/backing vocals) and Kelly Johnston (drums/backing vocals). Based in California, USA. J. Bennett lays down imperial metal riffs swathed in so much reverb that they seem isolated from the rest of the world. Sera Timms layers her affectless voice in ghostly counterpoint, turning tales of spiritual discord into disturbing lullabies).


Syntonizing murky frequencies

Broken order by false gods.

(The Peoples Republic of Europe is a dutch industrial/power noise band existing of 3 members: Krat (Samples/Beats/Noise), Puck (Live Noise/Logistics) and Statik (Visuals/Propaganda)) 

A deep sleep in belladona tides

Kissing the dark in an infamous way.

(The Ðevil & The Uñiverse is a band from Vienna, Austria, that was founded by Ashley Dayour and David Pfister. The music could be described as ritual, ghost wave and dark ambient, that also sound like a soundtrack. The name of the band was taken from 2 cards of the 78-piece tarot card-set utilised by the most famous occultist of the 20th century Aleister Crowley).

Bloody guts unfleshed

Creating antibodies against life.

(Gazelle Twin is the stage name of Elizabeth Bernholz,a British composer, producer and musician from Brighton, England. Walling conceived the project when she watched Fever Ray perform at the 2009 Loop Festival. She noted how "her show reminded me how powerful and liberating costume is, and I became interested in the power of disguise".
Her debut album, The Entire City, was released in July 2011 to critical acclaim. The album includes her two previously recorded singles, "Changelings" (2010) and "I Am Shell I Am Bone" (2011). In 2014 Gazelle Twin released her second album, Unflesh, to further critical praise. In an interview with Guy Mankowski for PopMatters, Bernholz mentioned that in the live shows for Unflesh she would be performing in a version of her PE kit from school, saying she wanted to 'go back to my teenage years to literally live out the idea of being a freak, like I thought I was (and was often made to feel) at the time.' She has also remixed music by John Foxx. She married the local musician Jez Bernholz who also performs with her on-stage).

January 3, 2019

Souvenirs of eternity

Noisy mantras to wait the endtimes.

(Amp is an English ambient/space/drone group based around the core members Richard Walker and Karine Charff. Walker was a member of a band in Bristol called The Secret Garden that incubated a number of groups including Flying Saucer Attack and Third Eye Foundation. In 1992 he left the band; singles from Amp began to come out on a number of small English labels and a debut album called Sirènes was released in 1996 on the Wurlitzer Jukebox label in the UK and a short-lived American label called Petrol).

Parallel hallucinations of the infra-world

Resonant assembly of hidden powers.

(Blut Aus Nord was originally formed as Vlad in France in 1993 as a solo project lead by Vindsval. After two demos, In The Mist in 1993 and Yggdrasil in 1994, the name was changed to Blut Aus Nord. Ævangelist is a black/death metal band from US).

Preparing to evacuate life

Whispering in blood with the universe.

(Formed in Macon, Georgia, United States in 1999 by K.Angylus (R.I.P. 2008) and M.Dragynfly, The Angelic Process produced music over an eight year period and they are considered as one of the pioneers and figureheads of the extreme music style called ambient drone metal).

Exhaling in black sand

Clangors to sleep with the crickets.

(The Myrrors is an experimental/psychedelic folk-rock band from from the Arizona desert).

Dreaming with mirrors

Dark lights projects the essence of loneliness.

(Implodes are an experimental rock band from Chicago, Illinois. They combine elements of psychedelic, shoegaze, drone, ambient, and electronic into their densely atmospheric sound).