March 31, 2021

In a jam for fresh blood

(The Cult Of Dom Keller is an UK based psychedelic/space rock band. formed by Ryan Delgaudio (Vocals/Guitars/Keys), Neil Marsden (Vocals/Keys), Jason Holt (Bass/Synthesizer/Bk Vocals) and Al Burns (Drums/Percussion / Noises). Since 2007 these sonic alchemists have been creating whacked out soundscapes and songs that appear to have been born from another universe, all from the confines of their sonic bunker).

Eternal life under ultraviolet radiation

(Moonbeams is a Shoegaze/Dream Pop band from San Francisco, CA, leaded by Ryan Lescure). 

Högt på mentala tillstånd

(The Janitors is a Swedish Psychedelic/Space/Shoegaze/Postrock band formed in 2004 by two peddlers of heavy drones and fuzzed nightmares, J. Eriksson (vocals, guitars, organs, drums & percussion) and H. Herlenius (guitars, drones, organs and bass)).

March 30, 2021

Walking alone by the sandy road to sun

(Milkshake is an Alternative/Experimental band from Melbourne, Australia).

Echoes from the outback

(Roku Music is a Shoegaze band from Brisbane, Australia; current members are Donovan Miller (No Anchor), Innez Tulloch (Pastel Blaze), Jody Gleeson (The Madisons) and Thomas Roche (The Rational Academy)). 


March 28, 2021

Voando sobre as florestas do espaço sideral

(My Magical Glowing Lens is a Shoegaze/Psychedelic Brazilian one-woman project leaded by musician and composer Gabriela Deptulski).

Summoning the book of dead

(Helicon is an Experimental/Psychedelic Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Formed in 2009 by John-Paul Hughes (lead guitar, vocals), Gary Hughes (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Graham Gordon (sitar, synthesizer), Mark McLure (bass) and Seb Jonsen (drums)).

Starting fire in the living room

(Peel Dream Magazine is a Shoegaze/Post Punk/Post Rock from New York, formed by Joe Stevens (Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Synth, Drones, Drum Machine) and Jo-Anne Hyun (Vocals)).

Mahkum bir kadın

(Selda Bağcan (December 14, 1948) is a Turkish folk singer-songwriter, guitarist, physical engineer and music producer. Her career as a professional musician started in 1971, during her final year at the university. 

Many of her songs carried strong social criticism and solidarity with the poor and the working class, which made her especially popular among the left-wing activists and sympathisers during the politically polarized 1970s. After the 1980 Turkish coup d'état, she was persecuted by the military rulers due to her political songs, and was imprisoned three times between 1981 and 1984).


March 24, 2021

Flautandi lög um ekki neitt

(Singapore Sling is an Icelandic Alternative/Shoegaze/Post Rock band from Reykjavík, formed by Henrik Baldvin Björnsson (vocals, guitar), Einar Þór Kristjánsson (guitar), Sigurður "Siggi Shaker" Magnús Finnsson (tambourine, maracas), Ester "Bíbí" Ásgeirsdóttir (bass), Björn Viktorsson (drums), and Hákon Aðalsteinsson (guitar)).

A dor da vergonha interior

(Loomer is a Shoegaze/Alternative band from Porto Alegre, Brazil, formed by Fernanda Schabarum, Guilherme F., Liege Milk, Richard La Rosa and Stefano Fell).

A look into a multi-collored infinite kaleidoscope

(Lilys are an American Shoegaze/Indie Rock band formed in Washington, D.C in 1988. The only constant member is Kurt Heasley, with the line-up changing regularly).

Viaggio in un passato doloroso

(The Gluts is a Post Punk / Psychedelic Rock band from Milan, Italy, formed by Nicolò Campana, Marco Campana and Claudia Cesana). 

Für die Autonomie Österreichs

(Wiener Aktivisten is an Austrian industrial noise collective formed by Anna Gardeck and Sven Bussler (Ophir, Sigrun Heid, Transform Collage, Wappenbund and Coinside)).

Hallucinating on the fresh air

(Royal Trux are an American alternative rock band, originally active between 1987 and 2001 (then reunited in 2015), founded by Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema).


March 17, 2021

Une triste lettre à ouvrir

(Soon, She Said is a Shoegaze/Ethereal 4 pieces-band from Rennes, France, formed by Laura Bruneau (Bass, Vocals, Backing Vocals), Martial Durand (Drums), Marc Corlett (Guitar) and Julien Perrin (Guitar, Vocals)).

Den zersetzten nektar saugen

(Fetisch Park is a Olpe-based German one-woman Ambient/Abstract/Experimental band formed by Carla Subito).


(Jesus Cruyff Super Star - Feedback Noise Disc is a Japanese Shoegaze tribute compilation of 
Cruyff In The Bedroom, made by Only Feedback label).



(Plastic Girl In Closet is a Iwate-based Japanese Shoegaze band formed by Yuji Takahashi (vocals, guitar), Kenji Hayasaka (guitar), Ayako Sugai (vocals, bass) and Yuta Ogawa (drums)).

March 16, 2021

An existence without feelings

(Kraus is a Noise/Shoegaze one-man band from  Dallas, TX, created by multi-instrumentalist and composer Will Kraus).

깊은 수면에 감동

(Loveless - Tribute is a Korean homage for My Bloody Valentine's Loveless album, made by Octave Soul Records).

March 15, 2021


(RiLF is a japanese alternative/shoegaze/rock band formed by Calu (vocalist of Matryoshka), an electronica unit, and Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata (members of Anoice), an instrumental music band, with magnificently violent guitar noise like Sigur Rós and My Bloody Valentine, solid drum grooves which supports the band sound and a quiet but strong voice, that creates a new take on shoegazing music).

Kruh pod mořem

(Manon Meurt is a Shoegaze band from Rakovník, Czech Republic, formed by Káťa Elznicová (guitar, vocals), Vojtěch Pejš (guitar), Síma Kuchárová (bass) and Jirka Bendl (drums)).

Jumping on sunspots

(Kindling is an Indie-pop/Shoegaze band from Easthampton, MA, formed by Aaron Snow,  Andy Skelly, Gretchen Williams and Stephen Pierce).

Ambiances environnantes sombres

(AUN is a Dark Ambient/Drone/Electronic project from Montreal, Canada. Started in 2007 as a solo project of Martin Dumais, in 2011 it expanded to a duo with Julie Leblanc. The band melt the boundaries between psychedelic, ambient, shoegaze, industrial and kosmische music).

Hunting rainy clouds

(Pieter Nooten • Michael Brook ‎- Sleeps With The Fishes is an Abstract/Ethereal album. Pieter Nooten (born 22 January 1961 in Oss) is a Dutch musician and composer best known for his work with Clan of Xymox; Michael Brook is a Canadian Toronto born guitarist, composer and producer. He invented the 'infinite' guitar whose distinctive sound can first be heard on his début album 'Hybrid', released in 1985. He has worked with many luminaries of the ambient music field and currently scores films and documentaries).

Хорошие сказки о крови

(Messer Chups is a Russian surf band formed in Hamburg in 1998 and originally consisted of Oleg Gitarkin (bass) and Annette Schneider (synths). They had several member changes and in 2003, they invited Lydia Kavina - the most famous thereminvox-player and grand-niece of its inventor - to release Crazy Price and Vamp Babes.  
As of 2016, Messer Chups is based in St. Petersburg, Russia and works as a trio consisted of Oleg "Gitaracula" Fomchenkov (formerly known as Oleg Gitarkin) on guitar, Svetlana "Zombierella" Nagaeva (formerly known as Zombi Girl) on bass and Dr. Boris (Boris Israel Fernandez) on drums)).


(Yudachi (ゆだち) is a Japanese shoegaze band hailing from Tokyo, formed by Keisuke Mishima (guitar, vocals), Yuta Ogura (guitar, backing vocals), Junko Nakata (drums), Chisaki Kakegawa (keyboard, vocals) and Kouki Higuchi (bass)).

March 14, 2021

The end of rising fire

(Last Ice is a collaboration between Bloody Knives (Austin, TX) and We Are Parasols (Portland, OR & Atlanta, GA); the band is formed by Jake McCown (Drums, Synthesizers), Preston Maddox (Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers), D (Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Synthesizers), Jeremy Wilkins (Guitar, Piano, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals) and Alec Yeager (Drums, Samples, Synthesizers)). 

March 10, 2021


(Nihon Indigo is an oldie superb Enka songs compilation made by English freak The Trilogy Tapes label).


Open wonden verbranden

(Gnaw Their Tongues is a one-man project between Black Metal/Industrial/Noise/Dark Ambient/ Drone from the Netherlands, leaded by Maurice De Jong).

March 9, 2021

The dark side of Necronomicon

(Pod Blotz is a Modern Electronics/ Abstract Techno/ Rhythmic Industrial/ Noise and Experimental Music project located in Los Angeles, leaded by Suzy Poling. The sound is an otherworldly, cathartic mix of modular electronics, vocals, rhythmic elements, tape manipulation, metals, and field recordings. 

Suzy Poling is a polymath and interdisciplinary artist working with sound, video, film, photography installation, sculpture, painting, collage and performance art. She researches the multi- dimensional interferences between optics, mirrors, sonic resonance, electrical synthesis, video experiments, human/alien identities and inspections of geological anomalies. Pod Blotz is Poling’s Modern Electronic/Sound Art solo project that explores posthumanist concepts, cathartic gestures and otherworldy sound source).

The nature of the unknown

(Light is an English Bristol-based one man Shoegaze/Lo-Fi project leaded by Dave Mercer (Amp, Flying Saucer Attack).


صدای ملایمی در کویر

(Googoosh گوگوش (Faegheh Atashin فائقه آتشین‎) born 5 May 1950, is an Iranian singer and actress, and one of Iran's most popular and enduring entertainers, whose career spans over 60 years. Googoosh has enjoyed significant popularity since the beginning of her career, ultimately becoming a cultural icon inside Iran and abroad.

She is mainly known for her contributions to Iranian pop music, but she has also starred in a variety of Persian movies from the 1950s to the 1970s. She achieved the pinnacle of her fame and success towards the end of the 1970s. In the 1970s, Googoosh was widely emulated by Iranian women, as they copied her clothing (miniskirts) and her short haircut (known as the "Googooshy"). Following the Iranian Revolution in 1979, she remained in Tehran until 2000 and did not perform again due to the ban on female singers. Younger generations of Iranians have rediscovered her music via bootleg recordings.

After leaving Iran in 2000, she performed a total of 27 concerts in European and North American countries in that year.Recent projects include a new collaboration with Iranian singer-songwriter Hassan Shamaizadeh from her 2012 album Ejaz, as well as serving as head judge and head of academy for the popular reality show Googoosh Music Academy broadcast on London-based satellite channel Manoto 1).


Tanzen in der Dämonenkirche

(Peter Thomas was a German composer and arranger, born 1st December 1925 in Breslau, Silesia (today Poland) and came a little later to Berlin, where he remained up to his beginnings as a film musician. He wrote a lots of soundtracks for movies and television series. His music oscillates between easy listening/lounge and electronic/space-age styles. The musician is abroadly well known as director of the incredible musical group The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra. He died 17th May 2020 in Lugano, Switzerland).


(Bertoia is a Tokyo-based Japanese Shoegaze band formed by Shokk [Yuta Ikawa] (bass, guitar, keyboards), Mai Tsuyutani (vocals, guitar, glockenspiel), Takumi Negishi (electronics), Yu (guitar), and Toshiyasu Imamura (drums)).

March 8, 2021

The worst feelings in the worst year

(C/A/T is the main creative output for Crunch Pod label founder, Ben Arp (Corvx de Timor, Ice Out, Cative Six) . C/A/T began as an experimental electronic project and continued evolving until early 2005 when Arp settled on a hybrid of industrial and rhythmic noise as the main sound). 

Περιμένοντας στην όχθη της μαύρης λίμνης

(Blakk Harbor is an Experimental/Industrial/Dark Ambient project from Greek Berlin-based artist Angelos Liaros-Copola, sound designer for Native Instruments. Waves of noise and advanced sound design through pattern repetition and pulsating percussive blasts. Fairly terrorizing yet hypnotic with flashes of raw electricity and feedbacks riding on thick grainy waveform textures. Broken hardware transmissions and in-depth manipulated signal processing tamed to craft filmscaping monolithic sub-techno structures).

March 2, 2021

Per una notte di follia siderale

(La Discoteque Psychedelique Volume 1 is a groovy Psychedelic/Beat/Garage Pop compilation made by superb Italian label Boss-A-Tone Records).

Dreaming on bewitched rituals

(The Black Stone – Music For Lovecraftian Summonings is a Dark Ambient/Drone compilation made by obscure Italian Eighth Tower Records label).



March 1, 2021


(Way of a Ray is a Japanese Shoegaze compilation (Hartfield, John Juhl's Cornfield and Slow), made by Vinyl Junkie Recordings label).