November 27, 2010

The Fountain of Dub Generation (Repost)

Refreshing amazing english (proudly) dubstep music, builded between silence and grim atmospheres; one step ahead in dub beyond basslines.


Music To Watch The Stars Above Us...

This brilliant album is a mixed bag of sounds, encompasses various styles of glitch, trip hop, ambient and audio experimentalism. An absolute delight from start to finish.

Odaibe - Hello World

Orbiting the Deep Dust Storm (Repost)

Amazing british (course!) experimental dubstep, loud bass shocking into atmospheric rhythmic spaces.


November 3, 2010

The Eye People is Here (Repost)

Needs no introduction, the Eye People in a mute version of "Tweedles".


The Noisy Whispering of the Good Airs (Repost)

Outrageous south american harsh noise, a mixture between power electronics and the most pure orthodox rhythmic noise, very interesting to hear, very risky to ears.


Altering the MAO Metabotropic Receptors (Repost)

Joost G aka Mono-Amine started performing in 1997. His sets can be described as dark, uplifting, pounding and a powerful mindfucking psychedelic experience. He is also one of the driving forces behind the Darkforce Foundation, that has the goal to stimulate nonregular music and does this by organizing partys and releasing records.

Under his alter ego name Mono-Amine he performs as a live-act. With his (live)music he releases the boundries between noisecore, experimental, hardbreaks and industrial tekno. Mono-Amine created his own style of music: dark, distorted, layered, straight in your face and with a sick fresh kind of groove. The music is inspired on his critical view on society and gives you something to think about as well.


Plunging into Gaunt Landscapes (Repost)

Wonderful (older but atemporary) side project from Lycia members (Mr. Mike Van Portfleet and Mr. David Galas). This album crafts beautifully gloomy soundscapes, bleeds away any hope of redemption, then dribbles doses of harsh vocals, electronic effects and clattering rhythms onto the carcass; terrifying by moonlight, thoroughly depressing in daylight, this is a supreme dark delight!


Drink the Red Juice of Life (Repost)

It's time to return with one of my fave bands, in a special best compilation album.