July 26, 2012

MF account CLOSED!!!!

A real BIG FUCK UP to MF assholes....

Crazy Monkey's Brainmap is temporarily off the line....

Stay in touch, we are moving to another brand new server to re-up all the stuff, sharing culture will not die!!

July 13, 2012

Decomposing the geometry of the universe (Repost)

Melting out the dark matter to the elementary subparticles central core.

Le bruit plante est éclairé à nouveau (Repost)

Noise machines are snorting in spectral dances of rusty gears.

The logic of sickness (Repost)

Spending the afternoon walking on the borders of madness.

July 12, 2012

Defacing noise in kilter times (Repost)

Brutal glitchs to dare the false beauty of your soul.

Cold blood running through the veins (Repost)

The last human on earth wasting red cells until the new dawn of humanity.

July 6, 2012

The self-mutilating passion (Repost)

Blood drained upon a grey gassy sky.

Pleasures of life or death? (Repost)

Taking the choice to wear/unwear the solid gold mask of pain.

Dissociated memories (Repost)

Forget the way you left behind, like lonely rusting wires disappearing in a distant foggy landscape.

Dead silent voices (Repost)

Rise up, sad flesh under cold soil, and tell to the air who was your murder.

The death of everything (Repost)

Dark shadows times will come to renew the spirit of humanity.