April 30, 2011

Hold the breath and come in... (Repost)

Dark Mexican triphop band with own language; cloudy landscapes rising from icy deserts.


Looking Through a Black Window

A quiet dusky path to eternity, flowing into a dense quantic trip.

Black Glass- Holy Rain

April 16, 2011

Cries from Oblivion (Repost)

Obscure dark laments from the master of the unknown treasures, the inspirator of everyone and nobody, the shadow behind the curtain.


Inteligent Tunes beyond the Window

Geometric smashing tracks derived from the London Underground, a fast-paced whirlwind of experimental glitchy techno.

Polygon Window - Quoth

The Minimalist Rhythm of Nature (Repost)

New remasterized re-edition from this monumental ode to suffering nature.


Sculpting the Sounds

Walking in a long, quiet deep travelling, modelling the time to catch it into a scene, this is a tribute of sweeping silence painted in sounds; a step across the mirror of sacrifices...

Hommage à Andrei Tarkovsky

The Pulse Machine Returns

Brand new stuff from masters of illbient landscapes, itchy basslines drilling the consciousness (track one originally overdubbed)


The Dead Woods

Scary dead forests awaits you in warm boiling odors...

XZICD - Äutpt_Bicid