January 30, 2015

The induced rebellion

Time to take the total control, defeat the M.N.C.


Unavoidable for aye bleeding

A promenade to unrested muttering.


Выявленные ложь

The truth all we know is revealed from the obscure thrones.


The consequences of artificial intervention

A world dreams in human infestation.


The sacred wind blows in spring

No mercy for a heart feeling blue.


January 28, 2015

Creak vibes from the future

Envolving beats piercing the universe.


An oscillating farewell to Clara

Photons twinkling as fireflies in the nought.


In the kingdom of bionic implants

Plugged to cyber mind-pleasures machinery.


Melodies from dark hollows

The choir of the unheard voices of nature spirits.


Overstimulating opioid receptors

Attacking peripheral sensory neurons to modulate μ-opioid receptor-mediated respiratory depression.


The one man concentration of power

Sounds for fight against headmen.


Gema asia tenggara

The way to enjoy life under delectable heat.


January 27, 2015

A madness prize

First place to realities distortion.


Rememberings from the land of the thousand veils dancers

Doing dance moves in front of a camera without intermission.


Psychedelic movements from the past

Dancing until the dawn when world was better.


The eternal gardens are burning

Flowers turning into ashes causes a intense chlorophyl evaporation.


Demyelinating afferent pathways

Massive pharmacological breaking of synaptic clefts.


Pills to face crude reality

Facing on a new strain of virus that causes inner ear bleeding.


War machine twangs on decomposed air

Smashing the wind blowed devastated earth. Dedicated to Dr. Lao, the Greyhound's Lord.


Tränen des Himmels

Looking back at midlife, seeing what we have built.


White smoke rises across the Ganges

A song for the beloved who begins their continual journey.


January 26, 2015

Moving to an unknown sector

Travelling across a kingdom of burned ghosts.


January 23, 2015

The place where death is still a secret

From the underground city clamor grows like an eternal lament of injustice and oppression.


Altered nerve patterns

Rough harsh noise to deny all beliefs.


Raw machines from modern times

Building the relationship between human flesh and machine.


There is no exit in this dark room

Draining with deafening woofers the cerebrospinal fluid unto choroid plexus.


January 22, 2015

Dying as the ancient empires

Dim echoes from heathenish bloodshot times.


Soundwaves from a distant barren cliff

Meditating about the cosmos and its hugeness...


Whistleblowers on parade

We are millions and millions are one to start the total resistance.


Hallucinations from a black planet

All life forms are fading out under the relentless killing nature.


January 21, 2015

A nuclear detonation to greet the humanity

There is no escape from deserved directed annihilation.


January 19, 2015

The rebirth of Moloch

And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD (Leviticus 18:21)


Death is surrounding the endless vertex

Take the hand of the dark sorcerer and be led to the flaming water.


Spread the bloody virus on corrupted society

Spitting internal organs as a common mortal away from your social guardrails (noise dedicated to filthy politicians involved in Penta Case)


Breaking the noise in a deep breath

Nothing but a machine to take total mind control...


January 16, 2015

Captured in meditation

Captured falling into an endless padded dream.


Search your destiny...

As you see dear noise-lovers followers, i'm updating the blog, so, from today, browse all categories and find all you want, the label REPOST will drive you into the madness coming out my cortical overwhelmed matrix (all the stuff will be updated in next times, just links, not dates of publication, last ones were samples to catch your attention).

If you are searching for strange-blended-bloody-freak-unusual music, here's your site.

Noisely Yours.


January 15, 2015

Melting in complex numbers (Repost)

Spherical cycles over squared-deflatted horizon.

Dancing until phlebotomize the bones

Mixing cultures and sounds with no fear of fundamentalists.


Kасаясь волны холодного воздуха

Dragging the air into inelastic collisions of energetic matter.


A wakeful time to hear beyond (Repost)

Mega grinding hyperbass dubstep to smash the air.


Bласть народу, власть пролетариата!!!

Fighting against the historical injustice against meager people, obliged servant of putrid capitalist butchers.


Pagan rituals flooding the dark ambience (Repost)

Wake up you ancient gods, and bring me thy power of endless sorcery.

Transmitting pain from air to ossicles

Defying the pars flaccida frailness under thick gloomy deepwater.


Dejo narkotiska miega meklējumiem

Pills to stay awake traveling through the intercellular spaces.



The final war is declared, get some noise you outlandish.


January 13, 2015

Biyō Gāruzugōgō (Repost)

In the years between Elvis' debut and the rise of Japan's own Group Sounds scene in late '65, the country's pop artists were confined to a repertoire of rehashed Western chart-toppers. Kenji Sazanami was one catalyst for change. Fed up with the traditional songwriting establishment, he headed Stateside, where he obtained the rights for hundreds of American hits. His translations of ‘Johnny Angel’ and others launched the careers of Japan's most revered female pop stars – The Peanuts, Mieko Hirota, Ryoko Moriyama, Mie Nakao and Yukari Ito. But, aside from a few winners, the bulk of these cover versions were twee reductions that lacked personality and pizzazz.

The record sleeves featured the young girl stars in spaghetti straps and petticoats, looking very Shirley Temple and perpetuating a morally upright image deemed safe for the Japanese public. The Japanese media and monopolistic talent agencies were relentless in their pursuit of wholesome talent, but their plans were derailed by the Beatles' incursion. Japanese teens too, had been seduced by the Liverpudlians' DIY spirit and the authenticity that was missing from Japan’s manufactured pop. This new wave of rock bands swiped from the British Invasion and blurred their influences with dissonant chords and Oriental melodies, thus creating a unique brand of Japanese rock’n’roll called Group Sounds.

The GS boom liberated many of Japan's finest writers, who were sidelined by the tenured Enka (traditional Japanese music) songwriters and rendered useless during “cover-pops” mania. For example, pianist-cum-songwriter Kunihiko Suzuki had to adopt an alias in order to land writing gigs. Once the GS boom hit, however, he emerged from anonymity and penned ‘Koi No Hallelujah’, a monster hit for little-known Jun Mayuzumi. The record was the girl-pop manifesto. It replaced orchestras with organs and shrill electric guitars, upped the volume and vibrato, and showcased a yearning, mournful vocal that came to epitomise the girl-pop sound. Her two best records are undoubtedly ‘Black Room’ and ‘Douyou No Yoru Nanika Ga Okiru’. Both share booming bass lines, a tough vocal and a dancefloor readiness that’s already caught the ear of DJs and freakbeat collectors worldwide.

Elsewhere on this lavishly illustrated comp, you’ll find Margaret, the protégée of guitar wiz Terry Terauchi, who co-wrote her two singles for Seven Seas. ‘Aeba Suki Suki’ is primitive girl punk, with its shambolic backing provided by Terry’s group, the Bunnys. Other highlights include ‘Taiyou Ga Kowai No’, the storming Crown debut of “the new voice of 1968” Kaoru Hibiki, the wild ‘Bazazz Tengoku’ by the Cupids and actress Mari Atsumi, who rose to fame in a series of flicks known as the “soft-bodied mollusk” series and cut a number of very sexy singles in the early 70s. Third single ‘Suki Yo Ai Shite’ is the most sensual of them all.

A Trip-Hop to the Andes? (Repost)

Apparently relatives of an obese computer-network engineer who works in the Jurassic Park, this english/japanese band appears as one of the most interesting brand new bands into the actual trip-hop-like scene. A pleasure to hear this interesting blending of sounds.


Le Millions Harmoniques Bruits (Repost)

Amazing beyond description french avant garde madness, mixing black epic metal, salsa, bossa nova, funk, free jazz, contemporary music, moogy sounds, library oddities, thrash metal, disco, ska, cabaret music, downtempo, mambo, progressive and tons of more styles in a eclectic fine way, just for enlightened ears.


Love in Digital Times (Repost)

Great polish triphop band, would be characterized as a combination of electronic sounds with the natural acoustic flavour of a string quartet. The vocalist’s delicate voice complements downtempo tunes. Drums are acoustic, supported by electronic samples with electric double-bass and analogue-modulated synthetic bass-lines. Definitely a pleasure to ears.