January 27, 2021

Žijící na okraji rovinky

(±0 (Plusminusnula) is a Post Punk/Shoegaze band from Prague, Czech Republic, formed by M., O., R. and Z).


Ausrottung des menschlichen Virus

(Maschinenkrieger KR52 is a German Rhythmic Noise/Industrial solo-project leaded by Rico Weber).


Blod på klipporna

(Arditi is a Swedish Martial/Dark Ambient/Industrial band; their music taps into the darker tones of Militaristic Neo-Classical ambiance that has become the band's trademark. Ever effective in their use of crushing orchestrations and evocative speeches, the band hereby drags the listener around muddy trenches, and casts a hypnotizing veil over the turmoil of warfare-inspired Industrial soundscapes. Spearheaded by Henry Möller and Marten Björkman, Arditi first came to light in 1997, inspired by the Italian Futurist Movement of the early 20th Century).


Pioggia nella sesta dimensione

(Rare Music From The Cometa Library Vaults is a Funk/Jazz/Psychedelic compilation made by Pheon English Label).

A way to kill your dreams

(The Workhouse is a London-based UK Post Rock/Shoegaze band formed by Mark Baker (guitar, vocals), Andy Dakeyne (guitar), Chris Taylor (bass, vocals), Peter Lazell (drums) and Steve Hands (drums)).

Lyde af bugs i tankerne

(The City Kill is a Danish Copenhagen-based Post-Punk/Noise-Rock band made up of Signe Elin Gram, Matthew Moller, Tobias Bendixen and Bjarke Mønsted).




(Tokyo Shoegazer (東京酒吐座) was a Japanese shoegaze band originating from Tokyo.The band was originally formed as one-off band for the purpose of performing at Sasabuchi Hiroshi's birthday live party at Shibuya O-WEST on October 12, 2010. The original line-up was Sasabuchi on drums, Watanabe Kiyomi (Kara, Acid Android) on guitar, Yuki (Presence of Soul) on vocals and guitar, Yoshi (Presence of Soul) on guitar and the K (101A) on bass. Their songs are mostly draws element from shoegaze, post-rock, noise rock and dream pop). 


Raapivat helvetin portit

(Oranssi Pazuzu is a finnish Black/Experimental band, formed in 2007 by Jun-His (vocals, guitar), Korjak (drums), Ontto (bass guitar), Moit (guitar) and Evill (synthesizers, organ, effects). Oranssi (Orange) in the band's name refers to cosmic energy and the color of the first light rays in the Big Bang, while Pazuzu is a mythic demon of the wind, also appearing in the film The Exorcist).

Crossing the sea of Hades

(Hollow Sunshine is a Sludge/Shoegaze band formed by Morgan Enos and Reuben Sawyer).

Dancing in a hypnotic ceremony

(Bardo Pond are an American psychedelic rock band formed in 1991, and who are currently signed to London-based label Fire Records. The current members are Michael Gibbons (guitar), John Gibbons (guitar), Isobel Sollenberger (flute and vocals), Clint Takeda (bass guitar) and Jason Kourkounis (drums). Bardo Pond's music is often classified as space rock, acid rock, post-rock, shoegazing, noise or psychedelic rock. Some Bardo Pond album titles have been derived from the names of esoteric psychedelic substances. Their sound has been likened to Pink Floyd, Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine amongst others. 

Allmusic describes Bardo Pond as having "lengthy, deliberate sound explorations filled with all the hallmarks of modern-day space rock: droning guitars, thick distortion, feedback, reverb, and washes of white noise").

The deepest expression of pessimism

(The Body, the duo of Lee Buford and Chip King continue to defy the constraints of what it means to be a “heavy” band, seamlessly combining composition or production approaches from hip hop, pop, classical, as well as rock and electronica resulting in a rich and utterly singular sound).

An open road for dark sleepers

(Exploded View is a DF-based Mexican Post Punk/Experimental/Psychedelic band formed by Amon Melgarejo, Annika Henderson, Hugo Quezada and Martin Thulin. The band is a new collaborative project helmed by the UK-born, Berlin-based political-journalist-turned-musician Anika (Invada Records / Stones Throw). After playing a string of 2014 solo shows in Mexico with a backing lineup composed of local producers Martin Thulin, Hugo Quezada and Amon Melgarejo, Anika and her new bandmates discovered a chemistry that they simply had to capture on tape).

January 26, 2021

Navigieren gegen Tongeräusche

(Mono No Aware is the solo rhythmic noise project leaded by german musician Leif Künzel).

A novelty about the void

(Peel Dream Magazine is a Shoegaze/Post Punk/Post Rock from New York, formed by Joe Stevens (Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Synth, Drones, Drum Machine) and Jo-Anne Hyun (Vocals)).

À l'intérieur des conduits lacrymaux

(Yura Yura is a one-man Rhytmic Noise/Power Electronics/Industrial project from Dijon, France, leaded by Grégory Mousselle (Agya)).

Do labiryntu Złotej Świątyni

(Alien Lizard is an Experimental/Noise/Psychedelic duo from Gdańsk, Poland).