April 8, 2024

חיבוקם של שלושה עולמות

(Shye Ben Tzur (שי בן צור) is an Israeli musician who lives in India and Israel. He composes Qawwalis, instrumental and devotional music in Hebrew, Urdu and Hindi. Ben Tzur has been living and creating music in India and Israel for over a decade. He first visited India while searching for a classical Indian music teacher. After years of studying Indian classical music in the traditional manner, Ben Tzur began to compose traditional Sufi Qawwali music in his own language, Hebrew. (Qawwali is a form of ecstatic devotional music). 

Jonny Greenwood (Oxford, 1971) is a British lead guitarist, keyboardist, programmer and composer; he is the lead guitarist and keyboardist of the rock band Radiohead, and has composed numerous film scores. 
Greenwood is a multi-instrumentalist and a prominent player of the ondes Martenot, an early electronic instrument. He uses electronic techniques such as programming, sampling and looping, and writes music software used by Radiohead. He described his role as an arranger, helping transform Thom Yorke's demos into finished songs. Radiohead albums feature Greenwood's string and brass arrangements, and he has composed for orchestras including the London Contemporary Orchestra and the BBC Concert Orchestra).

Racconti dalla terra rossa

(His Electro Blue Voice is an Italian band formed in 2013 by Andrea Napoli, Claudia Manili andFrancesco Mariani; derivatives of art post-punk, hip hop, krautrock, house, noise, psychedelia, rave flavours, hyperpop, played instruments, cut samples and dozens of treated voices are just some of the elements that mix, suggest and create new prototypes. Vocal and textual decompositions in AI style but with reversed roles).

S'émerveiller devant la lueur de l'automne

(Princess Thailand is a French Alternative/Post Punk/Noise band from Toulouse).

Alone in front of salty breeze

(The KVB is a British audio-visual duo formed by Nicholas Wood and Kat Day, from London, UK.

Formed in 2010 by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Wood as a solo project, The KVB got started with a number of limited cassette and vinyl releases, then vocalist/keyboardist/visual artist Kat Day joined Wood in 2011. Their sound has been described as a combination of electronic, psychedelic, post-punk and shoegaze).

The future sky is open wide

(Novella is an English Indie/Alternative rock band with a psychedelic edge from London, formed by Hollie (Guitar/Vocals), Suki (Bass), Sophy (Guitar/Vocals) and Iain Laws (Drums)).