January 31, 2023

Capturing the sounds of infinity

(A Tribute To Robert Moog is an Electronic/Moog homage made by Dutch label Crème Organization).

Shaping the contour of the unknown

(Lee Ranaldo (1956) is a singer, guitarist, producer, songwriter, writer and visual artist from Glen Cove, NY; he co-founded Sonic Youth in 1981 and has been / is active in lots of different projects, as Afternoon Saints, Ciccone Youth, Glacial, Lee Ranaldo And The Dust, Lucky Sperms, Text Of Light, The Flucts and The Million Dollar Bashers, among others).

Watching the eternal sleep

(Beastial Piglord is a one-man Doom/Sludge metal band from Kinston, NC, formed in 2012 by Hudson Connor).

January 30, 2023

Burning analogue sparkles

(Stereolab are an Anglo-French avant-pop band formed in London in 1990. Led by the songwriting team of Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier, the group's music combines influences from krautrock, lounge and 1960s pop music, often incorporating a repetitive motorik beat with heavy use of vintage electronic keyboards and female vocals sung in English and French. 

Their lyrics have political and philosophical themes influenced by the Surrealist and Situationist movements. On stage, they play in a more feedback-driven and guitar-oriented style. The band also draw from funk, jazz and Brazilian music, and were one of the first artists to be dubbed "post-rock". They are regarded among the most innovative and influential groups of the 1990s.

Other longtime members included 1992 addition Mary Hansen (backing vocals, keyboards and guitar), who sadly died in 2002 in a street accident, and 1993 addition Andy Ramsay (drums). The High Llamas' leader Sean O'Hagan (guitar and keyboards) was a member from 1993 to 1994 and continued appearing on later records for occasional guest appearances).


January 29, 2023

Flüstern des Königs der Dunkelheit

(Popol Vuh were a German musical collective founded by keyboardist Florian Fricke in 1969 together with Frank Fiedler (sound design, fine cut), Holger Trülzsch (percussion), and Bettina Fricke (tablas and production). Other important members during the next two decades included Djong Yun, Renate Knaup, Conny Veit, Daniel Fichelscher, Klaus Wiese, and Robert Eliscu
Popol Vuh began as an electronic music project, but under Fricke's leadership they soon abandoned synthesizers for organic instrumentation and world music influences. They developed a productive working partnership with director Werner Herzog, contributing scores to films including Aguirre, the Wrath of God, as well as Nosferatu, Fitzcarraldo, Cobra Verde, Heart of Glass and The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, in which Fricke appeared. 
The band took its name from the Mayan manuscript containing the mythology of highland Guatemala's K'iche' people). The group are associated with West Germany's 1970s krautrock movement and are considered progenitors of new-age and ambient music.
Florian Fricke died in Munich on 29 December 2001 and the group disbanded).

Rememorando fragmentos de terror

(IER is an Argentinian Experimental/Black project from Buenos Aires, leaded by Ignacio Elías Rosner (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer)).

Centrum uzdrawiania zdrowia psychicznego

(Lech Jankowski (1956) is a Polish composer of theater and film music, painter, director of original performances combining music, visual arts and theatre and cultural anthropologist. Jankowski is well known in music for Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life (1995), Chce mi sie wyc (1989) and Teatr Telewizji (1953)).

Tervetuloa kosmiselle matkalle

(Multicast Dynamics is an Electronic/Ambient one man project leaded by Dutch (now Finland based) producer and musician Samuel van Dijk (Mohlao, VC-118A)).

Trommels van de eeuwigheid

(Het Zweet was a Dutch one man project leaded by Marien Van Oers, active from 1983 to about 1988. The music consisted of long percussion pieces played on self built instruments (shopping trolleys amplified with pickups, blown cardboard tubes etc.) with repetitive shouted vocals by Marien. The music was often placed in the industrial camp and linked with the likes of Test Dept. but in fact Het Zweet were more concerned with ‘tribal’ music, physicality and trance effects like Z'EV. During concerts he often performed together with other players. Marien Van Oers passed away on 8 January 2013). 

January 27, 2023

Songs for dangerous deserts

(A Sound Installation Tribute To Frank Herbert's DUNE is an Industrial/Darkwave/Experimental compilation made by German Label Phantasma Disques).

Hołd zapomnianej wiedzy

(Krzysztof Penderecki (1933 - 2020) was a Polish composer and conductor. He studied composition privately with Franciszek Skołyszewski and then (1954–8) with Malawski and Wiechowicz at the State Higher School of Music (now the Academy) in Kraków. Later, he joined the staff of the school as a teacher of composition. His first major success came in 1959 when Strofy, Emanacje and Psalmy Dawida were awarded the top three prizes at a competition organized by the Union of Polish Composers. 
Soon afterwards he came to the attention of publisher Hermann Moeck and Heinrich Strobel, director of the music division at SWF. As the director of the Donaueschingen Music Days, Strobel commissioned several of Penderecki's works and Penderecki earned subsequently a reputation as one of the most innovative composers of his generation, especially for his experiments in notation, the perception of time, and extended instrumental techniques).

Waking up to a slow existence

(Duster is a Lo-Fi/Post Rock band from San Jose, CA, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Clay Parton (vocals, guitar, drums, organ), Canaan Amber (vocals, guitar, organ, drums) and Jason Albertini (drums, guitar, piano, keyboards). Generally seen as indie rock, the group has been also associated with the space rock and slowcore movements by critics due to their unique sound. To produce this, the band typically recorded on cheap and older recording equipment, such as cassette decks).

وقت الإيقاعات الناعمة

(Cosmic Analog Ensemble is the project of prolific Lebanese music producer and multi-instrumentalist Charif Megarbane, a one-man musical force who writes, performs and produces all of its creative output. With a DIY music ethos, Megarbane has crafted an inimitable style of instrumental music, a melting pot of global sounds that effortlessly glides between 1960s Italian library music, Middle Eastern psychedelia, afro-beat and hip-hop breaks).

Geheimnisse von jenseits des Grabes

(Sühne Mensch is a German Industrial/Power Electronics project leaded by Michael Belletz (Architrav, Mnemonic); oscillating bass power, hissing noise rhythms, metal percussions form the basic framework, which is expanded in a variety of ways with dark synth-melodies and angst-frequencies).

January 26, 2023

Spomini na prihodnost

(Laibach is an Slovenian Post-Industrial band formed 1980 in Trbovlje, at the time Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Laibach is the German name for Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana; initially one of the founders of Martial Industrial music, they changed their musical direction to a more Rock-, Pop- and Techno-/Dance-inspired crossover style in later years).

Last sounds in life

(Coil was a pioneer band formed in London in 1983 by John Balance as a solo side project to Psychic TV, Coil developed into a full-scale musical group in 1984, when Balance cemented a partnership with Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson. Christopherson had been a founder of Psychic TV and member of Throbbing Gristle. For over twenty years Coil would be at the forefront of European experimentalism and electronic music. 

John Balance (1962-2004) died tragically in an accident at his home on November 13th, 2004. Peter Christopherson decided that, with the passing of John Balance, Coil would not continue. Peter Martin Christopherson died 24 November 2010).


January 25, 2023

Into cold glassy clouds

(The Young Gods is a Swiss industrial rock band. Formed in 1985, The Young Gods took their name from one of Swans' early EPs. They are notable for their distinctive sound, in which a sampler is utilized to create the sound of electric guitar and bass guitars, whilst retaining a live drummer and vocalist). 


Cries among dead angels

(Diamanda Galás (1955) is a Greek American performance artist, singer, pianist and composer; living in New York City since 1989, Galás was born from Greek Anatolian parents, who always encouraged her gift for piano. From early on she studied both classical and jazz, accompanying her father’s gospel choir before joining his New Orleans-style band, and performing as a piano soloist with the San Diego Symphony at 14.

During the seventies, she played piano in the improvisational scene around San Diego and Los Angeles with musicians such as Mark Dresser or Butch Morris. She made her performance debut at the Festival d’Avignon in 1979, where she sang the lead role in Vinko Globokar’s opera, "Un jour comme un autre". While in France, Galás also performed Iannis Xenakis’s work with l’Ensemble intercontemporain and Musique vivante.

Galás first rose to international prominence with her quadrophonic performances of Wild Women with Steak Knives (1980) and The Litanies of Satan (1982)). 

Chytený v pomalých snoch

(Triode is an Ambient/Electronic project from Bratislava, Slovakia, conducted by Peter Rybar).

Odgłosy chaotycznego miasta

(Szorstkie is a Polish Noise/Altrnative band that was born during the difficult times of the 2020 pandemic. It is composed of Robert Kafel, Kamil Klama and Michał Klama. Their sound moves in the areas of experimental music and avant-garde, the compositions are largely based on improvisations, variations and the creation of various noisy sounds).

Geluiden van de Apocalyps op aarde

(Absent In Body is a Belgian Experimental/Sludge/Post-Metal collaboration formed in 2015 by Scott Kelly (guitars), Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove (guitars, electronics), Colin H. Van Eeckhout (vocals, bass) and Igor Cavalera (drums, percussion)).

Zes portalen naar pijn

(The Lovecraft Sextet is a Dutch Dark Jazz/Black project leaded by Jason Köhnen from Bong-Ra and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble).

Die ganze Nacht mit Walküren tanzen

(Achtung! German Grooves is a German Easy Listening/Funk/Psychedelic compilation made by German label Bureau B).

Pod mořem je vždy přirozený rytmus

(Zdeněk Liška (1922 - 1983) was a Czech composer; he produced a large of number film scores across a prolific career that started in the 1950s. He was revelatory in his contribution to the development of electronic music. His music in this field is noticeable and dramatic, based on a unique musical feeling achieved through using quite unusual instrumental combinations and various electronic and electroacoustic techniques.

Liška worked notably with animator Jan Švankmajer, scoring several of his earlier short films: Punch and Judy (1966), Et Cetera (1966), Historia Naturae (Suita) (1967), The Flat (1968), Don Juan (1969), The Ossuary (1970), Jabberwocky (1971), and Leonardo's Diary (1972), and later The Castle of Otranto (1979). Liška's music for Švankmajer's Historia Naturae (Suita), The Flat, and The Ossuary was also featured in the 1984 short film by American animators the Brothers Quay entitled The Cabinet of Jan Švankmajer.

He also created a great number of iconic scores for important live-action films of the Czech New Wave including The Shop on Main Street, Marketa Lazarová, The Valley of the Bees, Fruit of Paradise, The Cremator and Ikarie XB-1).

January 24, 2023

Den eviga sömnens tron

(Ulvtharm is a Swedish Dark Ambient/Industrial one man project created by Jouni Heikki Ollila; he started out in the late 1980s co-founding what is regarded as the pioneers of modern EBM and industrial music, Pouppée Fabrikk and Mz.412. He has now well over 100 past releases, cooperations and mastering work/remixing/mixing in the Swedish electro scene).

In search of the lost path

(Trauma Ray is an Alternative/Shoegaze band from Fort Worth, TX, formed in 20218 by Nicholas Bobotas (drums), Darren Baun (bass), Jonathan Perez (guitar) and Uriel Avila (guitar, vocals)).

Loitsuja mennä mustien aukkojen läpi

(Dark Buddha Rising is a Finnish Psychedelic/Drone/Sludge/Doom Metal band from Laitila, founded in 2007, formed by Vesa Ajomo (guitar, vocals), Petri Rämänen (bass, percussion),  Jukka Rämänen (drums, keyboards), Jussi Saarivuori (keyboards) and Marko Neuman (vocals).

Amhrán faoi an tuar ceatha dubh

(Hilary Woods is an Irish music and visual artist from Dublin's Northside. Former bass player in JJ72 from 1996 until 2003, now releasing work as a solo artist; after a spell in fine art school and having studied literature and film in college, she returned to music.
Woods' solo albums have a gentle, ambient folk sound with "nocturnal keyboard-based songs". Her musical inspiration comes from filmmakers, electronic artists, experimental noise, and Irish folk music traditions).


Dem Flüstern des Benthos lauschen

(Glaring is a Darkwave/Experimental/Post Punk solo project by german musician Anna Nin from None).

January 12, 2023

Kaikuja alamaailman savuisilta tasangoilta

(Dark Buddha Rising is a Finnish Psychedelic/Drone/Sludge/Doom Metal band from Laitila, founded in 2007, formed by Vesa Ajomo (guitar, vocals), Petri Rämänen (bass, percussion),  Jukka Rämänen (drums, keyboards), Jussi Saarivuori (keyboards) and Marko Neuman (vocals). 

Through neurosensory expanding minds

(Abronia is a Psychedelic/Experimental Rock from Portland, OR, formed by Keelin Mayer (tenor saxophone, vocals), Eric Crespo (guitar, backing vocals), Ben Blake (guitar), Rick Pedrosa (pedal steel guitar), Andrew Endres (lap steel), Dewey Mahood (bass), Amir Amadi (bass) and Shaver (drum, percussion, melodica).

From the vibrant depths

(Your Gaze is a one man Shoegaze/Lo Fi/Alternative project from Nashville, Tennessee, formed by Paul Rhodes).

Atalara saygıdan

(Derya Yildirim is a Berlin-based German musician who was born in Hamburg in the mid-1990s. With her band Şimşek, in which she sings and plays Bağlama, the artist fuses Anatolian folklore with Western psychedelia).