December 14, 2010

The Mysterious Unknown Forces from Moon (Repost)

This is the soundtrack from the 1st year of that marvelous British science-fiction television series, originally aired at the (unfortunately dead) ATV broadcast channel, from 1975 to 1977.

The underlying story line of this serie centres on the plight of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, Earth's Space Research Centre on the Moon, following a scientific cataclysm. Mankind had been storing its nuclear waste in vast disposal sites on the far side of the Moon. The accumulated waste reaches critical mass and, on 13 September 1999, detonates in a massive thermonuclear explosion, initiated by a build-up of an unknown form of magnetic radiation. The force of the blast propels the Moon like an enormous booster rocket, hurling it out of Earth orbit and into deep space at colossal speed, thus stranding the 311 personnel stationed on Alpha. The runaway Moon, in effect, becomes the spacecraft on which the protagonists travel, searching for a new home. During their interstellar journey, the Alphans encounter a vast array of alien civilizations, dystopian societies, and mind-bending phenomena previously unseen by the eyes of mankind.


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