May 31, 2018

Invoking the last days prophets

Shiny cherubs lights your way to the cloud beds.

(John Zorn is an american saxophonist and composer, born 2 September 1953 in New York City, USA. He owns the Tzadik record label and has worked with a large number of experimental musicians, particularly in improvised music, modern classical music and jazz, though he has produced music in most styles. Zorn's recorded output includes records by two bands of his own, Masada (a klezmer band playing music that is often described as Jewish jazz) and Naked City (an often aggressive mix of jazz, rock and grindcore). He has also worked with musicians like Bill Frisell, Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Keiji Haino, and Bill Laswell. He has written music for television and film, which has been collected in the ongoing Filmworks series of records on his Tzadik label. Some of these are jazz-based, others are classical. He has also written several "game pieces", in which performers are allowed to improvise while following certain strucural rules. Bar Kokhba Sextet is a free/avant-garde/jazz ensemble, formed by Cyro Baptista, Erik Friedlander, Greg Cohen, Joey Baron, Marc Ribot, Mark Feldman).


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