August 22, 2018

Rolling across melting gardens

Poison words flowing out the beast of thousand tongues.

(Helmed by Pyramids' R. Loren, the SWWW crew includes Swans' Ted Parsons on drums, Prurient's Dominick Fernow handling the noise, James Blackshaw on piano, vocals from Marissa Nadler, and a plethora of other duties handled by members of Unwound, Krallice, Slowdive, Nadja, Current 93, and more. Add to the fact that the record was inspired by a tripped-out encounter Loren had with The Red Badge of Courage author Stephen Crane's ghost, and you've got what appears to be one heady, crowded outing on your hands. In reality, Sailors With Wax Wings is anything but convoluted, using most of its sticky-slow 53 minutes to focus on ghosted textures, squalling riffage, and melodic theatrics).


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