October 31, 2018

Can you hear the sickness screaming inside her?

Can you get inside her through her open sores?.

(Fear of Dolls is arguably one of the most deliberatley strange avant-garde rock bands, focused on being more psychological than musical. The naive childlike minimalism and visceral use of all things exaggerated and irrational results in a schizophrenic mixture of musical suspense, abstract lunacy, psychotic nervousness and tension, emotional frailty, and violent cacophony.
Formed in 1995 by Greg Forschler, Fear of Dolls has actively performed live in the Seattle area, while the music and band members have constantly shifted and evolved. The future, just like the past and present, are uncertain at best. Currently fronted by Greg and Bonni, shows are a rare surprise, and recordings will continue to surface from time to time). 


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