April 28, 2020

Guérison totale de la dysfonction érectile

(Sebkha-Chott is an experimental rock band from Le Mans, France, implying a mythology and a world (Ohreland) within all its actions (albums, shows, communications). The band is often listed in very different styles and categories: metal, jazz or fusion; mainly, Sebkha-Chott is compared to Frank Zappa, Magma, Mr Bungle and Fantômas.

Mocking categorization, they pretends playing self-proclamated musical styles: Mekanik Metal Disco (until 2008), Abstract Low Coast Hip Hop/Concrete Violence/AvantPorn Mekanik Metal (from 2009), often condensed in: Bizarre AvantPorn Mekanik TheaterCore (since 2012).

Actually the band is formed by Wladimir Ohrelianov II (vocals, guitar, bass, programming), Souv' Ponk (voice, programming, saxophone) and Yüla Slipovitch (voice, drums, programming)).


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