September 12, 2020

Passeport pour la folie

(Pin-Up Went Down is a French experimental band formed in 2006, initially as a one-man project fronted by former Carnival in Coal and Wormfood member Alexis Damien (drums, guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, songwriting & production) and bearing the name Esthete Piggie. He was later joined by singer and photographer Aurélie "Asphodel" Raidron (Penumbra, Howdy Effect, Nowonmai, öOoOoOoOoOo) on lyrics, vocals and artworks.  
In 2008 the band was joined by Alexis' brother Nicolas Damien (piano, acoustic guitar, songwriting), becoming officially a trio.
The sound of Pin-up Went Down is a fusion of different musical genres such as power pop, progressive metal, death metal, funk, symphonic metal and gospel music).


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