April 16, 2023

Cestování světem snů

(The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa is a Czech Shoegaze/Alternative band formed in 1990 by Jan Muchow, Jan Gregar, Petr Wegner, and Irna Libowitz. After a short period, the band moved into ambient and techno-influenced soundscapes.
Actually the band are Jan P. Muchow (guitar, bass, programming) and Kateřina Winterová (vocals)).


zipper said...

Yet more great sounds to listen to. Some of the bands I know like favourites Stereolab & Ringo Deathstarr plus new bands to me like Quiet Lights & Ritual Howls. Many thanks for all of these and many others. Just a couple of things...the Skywave link doesn't work plus a request. Could you name the album the music you post is from where it isn't obvious by the cover. Many thanks!

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