August 15, 2010

The ether is flowing through the hands (Repost)

In the late 40's and early 50's, a series of easy listening albums appeared featuring the then-futuristic eerie theremin of Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman. This album collects three of them : 1947's Music out of the Moon, 1948's Perfume Set to Music, and 1950's Music for Peace of Mind. In truth, it's rather arbitrary who is considered the "artist" of these albums; Hoffman did contribute theremin, but the music was composed by Harry Revel, and conducted and arranged by Les Baxter (on the first two albums) and Billy May (on Music for Peace of Mind). Also in truth, these records really aren't as exotic as they might appear. For the most part they're corny lounge jazz-cum-soundtrack music, with gossamer violins, dramatic piano flourishes, and wholesome white bread vocal choirs and jazz scatting.



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