January 19, 2011

The Past Must Not Be Erased

This album is collecting awesome pre-1975 Cambodian rock classics on gatefold double vinyl. In the years before Pol Pot's notoriously hardline and anti-Western Khmer Rouge regime altered the history of Cambodia forever, there was a flourishing, anarchic and vital rock scene centred in the capital Phnom Penh. Sadly (as i said in previous posts) some of the artists featured, notably Sinn Sisamouth "The Emperor of Khmer Music" and Ros Sereysothea "The Golden Voice of the Royal Capital" couldn't escape the brutal regime and were executed because of their involvement with the Khmer rock scene. This record captures the thrilling soulfulness of their music from a number of tapes and old vinyl which have survived at enormous risk to their owners, making this one of the most definitive collections of early Cambodian rock music. (searching for vols. 1 & 3 of the collection, any help?)

Groove Club Vol. 2 - Cambodia Rock Spectacular!


Á Go-Gojira said...

Just as an FYI; "Groove Club Vol. 1: La Confiserie Magique" is a collection of French psych/pop rarities and not Cambodian stuff like vol.2-3. I'll be picking up the vinyl editions of these as soon as I can :-)

Crazy Monkey said...

Cool man, thanks in advance!!


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