November 14, 2017

Crushing bonds with linear high frequency rays

Opening wounds to dry the putrid remains.

(Industrial/Noise/Avant Garde US noise-sick-wall, they are are true in every sense of the word, contemporary industrial altruists. Currently residing in Denver, they outsource influence from a specific niche lineage that was in and of itself mechanically fabricated to mirror the past in favor of the future. Specializing in both consumer electronics and homemade contraptions, these noise fetishists are veterans to their craft. Having seen them perform numerous times, they come bearing body bags full of hardware, a battalion of 8×10 cabinets, broken cymbals, television monitors, oil drums, and other unnecessary but probably necessary gadgets. Each piece has its own part in the orchestrated spirit of destruction. Encompassing the parameters of whatever turf they inhabit, they don’t play in the room; instead, they play the room).


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