November 20, 2017

Everything we know is wrong

Winding attack of the worm squad 

(In 1994 australian musician David Thrussell released Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, an album of B-sides from Snog's lengthy Australian CD singles for the German market - the Australian singles were up to 80 minutes, whereas chart-eligible singles in Germany could not be more than 21 minutes, so many tracks were left over. The album was mostly composed of instrumental tracks taken from Snog's first album Lies Inc. and the Hey, Christian God single. A year later, the album was also released on Germany's Machinery Records as Silent Weapons for Silent Wars. Thrussell disowned this later release due to the incorrect title, changes made to the artwork, and the fact that the tracks were in the wrong order, destroying the album's continuity. Since 1999, nearly all Black Lung releases have been on German industrial label Ant-Zen. Thematically, Thrussell has used the project as an opportunity to indulge his fascination with conspiracy theories, with many album and track titles referencing conspiracies. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, also used by, Killarmy), refers to a document which came to light in the mid 1980s detailing a New World Order plan. Rhic-Edom is a direct reference to the acronym RHIC-EDOM: Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control & Electronic Dissolution of Memory. The albums' liner notes frequently contain essays on various esoteric subjects, excerpted from conspiracy books or written by Thrussell himself.)


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