December 18, 2018

A lesson of how to get through the glass

Deep breath in a full helium atmosphere.

(The Dagons is an USA L.A. based band, who mix fuzzy guitars, pounding drums & haunting vocals with dreamy lyrics referencing fairy tales & mythology to create their distinctive sound. They are a two-piece band from Los Angeles, made up of Karie Jacobson (guitar, vocals) and Drew Kowalski (drum set and sitar). The Dagons have “a unique, otherworldly feel which adds a sprawling, surreal quality to the genre of indie rock” and for their distinctive juxtapositions of contrasting elements, such as the short, stripped-down song forms of punk with dark, otherworldly psychedelia, or the contrast of fuzzy guitars and pounding drums with minor key melodies and dreamy vocals. Also unusual is the group’s use of distorted electrified sitar, played by The Dagons drummer and producer Drew Kowalski).


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