December 17, 2018

Homage to a victim of the oligarchy

Ramona Aurelia Parra Alarcón (May 28, 1926 - January 28, 1946) was a young Chilean woman, militant of the Communist Party. She died wounde by a bullet-head injury during a protest march in Santiago in 1946, known as the "Massacre of Plaza Bulnes."

In the 60's the Ramona Parra Brigades of muralist art emerged in their tribute. In 1970, Víctor Jara dedicates a song entitled BRP, with music by Celso Garrido and lyrics by Víctor Jara himself.

(The Myrrors is an experimental/psychedelic folk-rock band from from the Arizona desert).

Pablo Neruda: "Los Llamo" (poem fragment)

Ramona Parra, joven

estrella iluminada,
Ramona Parra, frágil heroína,
Ramona Parra, flor ensangrentada,
amiga nuestra, corazón valiente,
niña ejemplar, guerrillera dorada:
juramos en tu nombre continuar esta lucha
para que así florezca tu sangre derramada.



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