May 7, 2019

Trance induced beholders

(Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel (born 28 October 1980) is a Danish singer, songwriter, and musician, based in Berlin, Germany.

In May 2018, Obel contributed to Late Night Tales with a series of tracks selected by the artist herself. For this compilation, Obel presented various titles by very different artists. Music by Michelle Gurevich, Nina Simone, Henry Mancini, and Alfred Schnittke is included on this album.
Obel says: "I was surprised at how much time I ended up spending on this. I collected all the songs together with my partner Alex and we just spent time listening to records, trying to see what would fit together. Some of the music I’ve included here is on mixtapes we made when we were just friends as teenagers."

Obel combined new works with the original song "Bee Dance", a haunting reading of the Danish song "Glemmer Du", and a new version (the third one) of "Stretch Your Eyes" called "Ambient Acapella". The first single, Inger Christensen’s "Poem About Death", is set to original music by Agnes Obel. 

On the topic of the haunting cover of Arvid Muller's "Glemmer du", Agnes Obel explains: "In Denmark, the song is best known in the version from 1932, sung by the actor and singer Liva Weel. It's one of my favourite melodies. The song is about the impermanence of time and love, with memories being the only thing you get at the end. I recorded it using analog tape and then running the tapes again, so it sounded old and re-recorded, playing with this feeling of remembrance and of lost time").


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