May 28, 2020

Catching the scattering of light

(Pod Blotz is a Modern Electronics/ Abstract Techno/ Rhythmic Industrial/ Noise and Experimental Music project located in Los Angeles, leaded by Suzy Poling. The sound is an otherworldly, cathartic mix of modular electronics, vocals, rhythmic elements, tape manipulation, metals, and field recordings. 

Suzy Poling is a polymath and interdisciplinary artist working with sound, video, film, photography installation, sculpture, painting, collage and performance art. She researches the multi- dimensional interferences between optics, mirrors, sonic resonance, electrical synthesis, video experiments, human/alien identities and inspections of geological anomalies. Pod Blotz is Poling’s Modern Electronic/Sound Art solo project that explores posthumanist concepts, cathartic gestures and otherworldy sound source).


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