May 24, 2020

Clouds from another side of reality

(Phil Von is a French artist born 1961 in Paris; flamenco dancer, singer, performer & composer, Phil Von originated the group Von Magnet in London in1985. With Von Magnet he released a dozen of records mixing world music, flamenco, theatre & electronic music. As a solo artist he writes "made to measure" music for ballet, contemporary dance, art & theatre.

Phil’s dream is to write poetry with electronic sounds instead of words. For the last 30 years his endeavours have been directed to achieving that goal. Being a performer, actor and dancer as well as an electronic music composer, his approach to music writing is quite peculiar as it always seeks an “audio dramaturgy”, a “scenic structure” or a “cinematic sculpture”. He feels that music should somehow belong to a “bigger picture” where all arts are combined. 

He also cherishes a more organic perception of electronics, hoping to push machines closer to humanity and to nature. Many of the pieces on his albums have been used by choreographers, visual artists and stage directors. They have shaped their own artistic visions with their interpretations of his imaginary materials. This is how he envisages and encourages the reincarnations of his music through different lives). 



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